Why Are Libra Men So Difficult To Understand?


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Well, not all Libra men are difficult to understand! However, Libra men are extremely flirtatious and trying to understand their games can be hard work, especially if you don't know your Libra man very well yet!

Libra men are natural diplomats, which means they do not have trouble looking for the best and worst points of any side of an argument.

They are great at de-fusing difficult situations and are very relaxed and easy-going, traits which endear them to others.

Why are Libra men so difficult to understand?
  • People born between September 23rd and October 23rd are considered Libras.
  • The sign is depicted by the scales, which represents the balance in their personalities.
  • Libra is a positive (extroverted) sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. Its element is air.
  • Libra men have always been known for their diplomatic, romantic and charming personalities.
  • The above attributes make them great flirts, and this could be your source of confusion.
  • Libra men like to play games with the person they are flirting with, and they may not mean some of the things they actually say.
Not all Libra men are difficult to understand, but I'm sure there are a fair few who are! Libra's natural flair for flirtatious behaviour probably only makes them more confusing, although they won't always mean what they say in this instance!
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All Libra men are not difficult to understand. It's certain personalities that make a person more difficult to understand (male or female) and every person is unique. All kinds of personalities are born under the so called patterns of the zodiac at all times. All so-called Libras cannot be hard-to-understand personalities. It is impossible.
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It's not the fact that they're Libras, it's just the fact that they're men! We'll never understand men.

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