Why Are Gemini Men So Hard To Break Up With?


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Gemini men are notoriously difficult to break up with! Trust me, my ex husband was one! This is most probably due to a considerable number of factors...

  • Gemini men are known for their witty nature and intelligence, something which never gets boring in a relationship!
  • They are also energetic and imaginative - which makes the relationship fun and eventful.
  • Gemini men can get possessive and be devious, which may make it extremely difficult for a woman to break up with them.
  • Most importantly, all Geminis are extremely independent and cannot handle being dictated to or being pinned down by anyone. This strong sense of individuality makes them very difficult to break up with, as they really do not like someone else dictating the course of events.

Gemini men In general, Gemini men are great to be in a relationship with as they are usually charming, witty, funny, clever, creative, talkative and adventurous. Just try and make sure you can keep up with them!

Their downsides are that they do not like to be dominated by their other halves, and instead will view a girlfriend as as "sidekick" rather than as a passionate lover. Gemini men are very persuasive and have the potential to be manipulative.

Their persuasiveness means they can talk a woman into doing almost anything they want, even changing their minds about breaking up!

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Well, a classic Gemini's faults are jealousy and their anger. So, they tend to get jealous and hang on and than get really anger so it makes the person feel bad to break up with them (especially if your a more passive sign thats dating them) The best way, is to justify why your doing it, Gemini's hate feeling blind sided, and than dropping the subject.

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