Can A Libra Man And A Cancer Woman Get Along?


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They can get along, but don't expect it to be a smooth ride! This combination of star signs makes for a rather fizzy and bubbly combination of water and air.

This couple may find that some of their differences complement each other initially, but that over time these could develop into fissures and cracks in the partnership.

How compatible is a Libra man and a Cancer woman?
  • The Libra man can appreciate the loving and caring nature of the Cancer woman, although he can be equally irked by her sensitivity.
  • The Cancer woman dosen't like to be controlled by her lover, but unfortunately this is what the Libra man may try to do. This could cause tension within the partnership.
  • The Libra man loves his space and happiness, and sees the relationship as a more casual and easy going affair than the Cancer woman does. She demands complete commitment, both to her and to the partnership - and she also needs to feel loved and cared for by her man. She prefers a much more intense connection than he wants to have.
  • Despite this, these two signs will find that they see the world in a very similar way. They won't find themselves arguing much, and even if they do, any problems can be patched up quickly.
These two signs certainly get along, but they might find that they want and need different things from their relationship. This could cause them a few problems, especially in the long-term.
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Sorry cancer females but you girls are the worst of the worst. I am a libra man and trust me i try to make it work with my cancer ex girlfriend. But she was to emotional always wanted something. 

I always got blame for cheating on her, and the only thing I wanted was to be with her. I understand a cancer very well, I try to get with another Cancer but this one only plays games with my feelings.

Not all Libras are the same, sorry Cancers you girls just don't like life - that's why you get treated like crap. I love you girl, but you need to learn how to love yourself. 

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Speaking as a Cancer (female), I can honestly say it's from our insecurities. We just think others should be able to 'read' us like a book. We're hoping you do in some way. Just waiting for that one person to understand that when we're down we just need someone there to break the silence.

Moody is an exaggeration; emotion isn't. Rejection is what most of us fear and if we sense any amount of it, no matter what form it was (either with words or actions), we take it personally. Small situations that don't seem to matter to others send us into a haze of frustration.

What I would want someone to do is confront me head on. I try to avoid the people that hurt me (intentionally or not, it's all the same to us). The Cancer you speak of will never confront his emotions head on -just keeps them bottled up until they explode. It's in our nature to suffer in silence. It kills slowly but surely. Don't make a public scene about it, though. That will only make him retreat further. Take him away from the crowd, explain your point of view, as rationally and logically as possible.

If you are serious about the relationship, touch a palm to his cheek and mutter your apologies (whether they be wrong or right). It takes a lot for us to admit we're wrong but if you do, we'll at least meet you half-way. We fear further rejection, which is why both the emotional and physical connection are a must. (Never break eye-contact or touch during the discussion.) We need reassurance. Just try to make an effort to understand that our emotional detachment comes from pain. Sometimes it's too much to show, but if you take a step closer, I can guaranteed you'll see how much exhaustion builds in his eyes from constantly refusing that disdained agony.

Denial is a rite of passage when others are sensed as a threat. Retreating is only another way to hide our faces and diminished expectations to the world. Trust me when I say this: He'll never turn his back on someone who has had his in the past. Hope that by the time you read this, it helps.
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Yes they can I'm Cancerian and my boyfriend is Libra. We have been together for nearly a year now. We love each other dearly, we cannot imagine life without each other.

I'm a saver when it comes to money and he likes to spend every penny he has in his pocket. He looks after his appearance a lot and likes to keep nice things, which I do too, but not as much as him. He's very loving and caring and worries a lot about me which I think is very sweet. But there are times when he can get possessive as well and that really annoys me.

He has to know what i'm doing all the time and he moans a lot as well. I like my freedom as much as him but I sometimes feel he does't trust me. He's very social - he likes to go out and meet other people but I'm more of a homebody.

The main thing is we have a lot of love for each other - even after arguments we apologise to each other and start again. We don't hold grudges.

So all in all, yes the relationship does need work but you will get through it.

Good luck.
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I am a cancer and just broke up with my libra boyfriend. Though we love each other dearly and expressed that verbally to each other all the time I still felt that we were very incompatible. I am emotional and must vent or express my feelings, while he is unemotional and hardly ever expresses his feelings. Many times my vents were ignored or shrugged off. He preferred hanging out with his friends than with me at times. It was difficult to get him to stay home. The sex however was like whoah!!!!!!

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