How Do I Know If I'm Psychic Or An Indigo Child?


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Well I will put it this way, if you feel that you are, than you may be...DO NOT listen to people who tell you, you are crazy or that you are loosing your mind, cause you are NOT.   Crazy people do not ask if they are crazy, they just are.  You probably just are experiencing a spiritual awakening.  I too, have experienced the same things...don't worry your answers will come, try listning to music and dancing around the house when no one else is home, I choose to do just that to get my answers.  I know it sounds silly, just keep it to yourself for now, try and stay away from negativity from others.  My step dad doesnt believe me, teased me ect...DO NOT let others hurt your feelings and always stay positive...They just do not understand you because it hasnt happened to them...Trust me, your answers will come especially now that you are aware of them.
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Hi I am 25 years old. I still trying to figured out if I am an Indigo child. About a year ago.. I met them fellow that was a writer. He writes thriller novels. While I was on a 3-4 hour flight coming from TX I believe. It was late in the evening when I was on that flight. I saw this man next to me sitting by the aisle I was by the middle and there was no one in the middle of us. He was bold quite handsome I would say, I think he's european. But anyways.. He asked me do I like to read I said yes.. "I have a hard time finishing a good book to read now and days" and he said well I am a writer and in front of him he got his laptop and he told me here read this and tell me what you think. It was odd because, after one conversations to the next.. He mention about indigo child. And he kept on looking at me with his strong bold eye and he said.. There's many of us like you. I was confused.. So he explain the about the indigo child.. He knew I was someone gifted with this.. Because he was. I don't know when I was growing up I always hang out with older kids and even now.. I was different when I was young. Concern at a earlier age about everything. I even have weird predication when I was younger. I am a buddhist and when I go to temple one of the higher monks can see in my eyes that... I understand people and I can see through people.. With emotion and what their thoughts are sometimes. My boyfriend thinks I am always over reacting or child things all the time.

And since I was born a buddhist and raise as a buddhist. Why do I know SO MUCH about it. Through I learned about it here and there. But when I am helping someone ... I am a different person in speaking terms. I need answer.. Sometimes I know I am gifted by I need assurance...
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You are probably a highly imaginative person with a lot of gifts. We don't yet know a great deal about how the brain works, and sadly there are a lot of people about who will rush to offer you all kinds of solutions involving the supernatural etc. However not one of these people will be able to offer you any concrete proof.

Certainly people have heard 'voices' and been ok - I've occasionally heard something myself - but it is also true that this kind of thing can be a sign of strain or other trouble, so even if you feel well, for your own sake and your baby's it is advisable to speak to your doctor about this and ask if s/he can recommend someone for you to talk to. You need to be quite sure that all is well.
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This particular psychic ability is called clairaudience. It is essentially psychic hearing. The aura's and supposed visions would be classified under clairvoyance which would be psychic seeing
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I feel exactly the same way with my situation. I often have vivid dreams that come true the next day. And one day 5 song names popped into my head: Those were the next 5 played on the radio station I was listening to!
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Hi...I don't know where to start...lately I feel really weird.I remember from the moment when I was born I had those strange dreams ,I think it was when I was about 3 years old that I was fully aware of myself in a dream.Weird things were always happening to me and when I say weird I mean WEIRD.I don't know how to explain how I feel...when I talk to people I don't think they understand me...I feel a lot of negativity and I feel like I am in some kind of box as if this is not a place for me where I belong....I am to sensitive on everything and everyone...environment is choking me....I am searching for some answers and if it is not a problem please give me your opinion if you think I am an indigo child...thank you :)
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Hi dahli_mama, from what you describe, you are not crazy, so relax.  It sounds as though you may be clairaudient (you have the faculty to perceive sounds and voices psychically).  You also seem naturally intuitive and psychic.  These gifts need to be trained, just like any other naturally occurring gifts we may have as human beings.  I suggest you get in touch with the International Spiritualist Federation - a free organisation that is represented in many countries:  You need to come into contact with people who are grounded, supportive and can offer you practical guidance as far as developing your psychic gifts goes.   I hope this is of use to you ... Good luck.
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I'm one who believes that the mind has powers. When I was little I had random predictions that came true little bit later. Once when I was 11 I told my best friend, Annabeth that her pepperoni sandwich was going to hurt her. When she bit int her sandwich the hard bread dug into her gums and started bleeding. Perhaps you are truly gifted, perhaps you are out of your mind.
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Hi , my name is pam and I'm 14 but I have strange dreams with me in them like I'm a princess can someone help me understand what that might mean.

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