Can Psychic People Really See In The Future?


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Nobody can tell you about the future. If anybody claims, then ask him/her that exactly where it is going to rain after 10 years? Nobody can tell you. If you read psychology, you will find out lots of things about fortune telling. These fortune tellers just focus on general issues. Like something good is going to happen with you in 3 months. Now, this statement applies to everybody. Even if 100 bad things happens, at least one good thing will definitely follow.
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Psychic doesn't mean "can see the futur".   You got to be more specific

I don't think anyone is psychic, but here's a list. Trust me, I tried :) Too bad I will never see I it's true.

-You, sometimes, are interested in whether or not supernatural powers are real.

-This isn't the only thing you are interested in.

-You cannot see the futur. If you can, it is blurry and often miscalculated.

-Some people in your family joke or talk seriously about glimpsing or seeing the futur. If that is not true, perhaps they are aware of what is going on with someone they know.

-You aren't sure what to think about the world.

Well, there is the list. All I've used is my intuition. I'd keep going, but it gets "less sure".

By the way, your question isn't THAT clear...And I found it by searching random stuff on google, like I usually do.

Oh y, I also think that yo realize that when someone is psychic, it doesn't necessarily mean they see lottery numbers.
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I believe they can to a certain extent. I believe that they can see just so far or so much. Predictions are just the same, you end up with just a glimpse of a picture. I'm thinking that a lot of things were just guessed at by a person who is very gifted in reading other people. Plus I believe that an evil more sinister being is at work in relaying just enough info threw a middle person (psychic) to convince people that they really can see things that seem impossible. I believe that is done so as to distract our minds away from the real truth and lure us further into the occult. Yes I do believe people can tell the future or know things about you that they shouldn't.
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Not really known I believe so
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There are always will be times where someone will have an out of body experience so i wouldn't be so sure that psychics can't see the future... I have to be crazy but even i had one.. I was sitting in my truck at a red light i saw the light turn green. I blink my eyes and i saw it was still red for a second or two then it turn green
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Yes , they can see the future. I m a psychic powered guy. And I can see the may check my blog"BRAIN POWER"
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I don't know how they do. First time my aunt brought me to see an old gypsy lady who told me almost a year ahead about a male person from my family who's going to die. First I was thinking to one of my grandfathers, but unfortunately it was my father who died at 41. Second time it was a Chinese lady who wanted to show me how skilled she is. It was on spring time last year and by the time she was doing  my nails she was reading my destiny from an astrology book . She told me about an event that happened six months ago. Do we really decide our future?

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