What Is A Psychic Person?


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A psychic person is a person said to have hidden mental powers and who can empathize with other persons by taking a peek in to their mental processes to tell them if anything is wrong with them and also cure them by suggesting a remedy.

Clairvoyance and crystal ball gazing to predict the future as also witchcraft are related to psychic powers the person practicing these is called as psychic possessing the power to penetrate time and space mentally people with psychic powers are said to be born naturally with it.

The psychic powers are said to originate from the sub conscious mind and are classified as paranormal telekinesis and telepathy are said to be some of the signs of a person with psychic power. Often psychics are said to be persons who have a heightened awareness of the sixth sense believed to exist in man beyond the five basic senses.
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A psychic is a person who is able to sense things that are not available through ordinary sensory perceptions. Such perception might include being able to divine things about a person not present through use of an object or article belonging to the person, called psychometry. A psychic might also be clairvoyant, seeing things or perceiving things others can't. Nowadays, many people tend to fake their abilities for profits.

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