Do You Believe That Mole Can Bring Luck Or Even Bad Luck To People?


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Well,I don't really know what to say....I just removed 3 moles on my neck few weeks back. I was saying d same before "it's a myth!".yeah....I'm a modern indian who don't believe in myths,horoscope etc...however, I did this molke removal due to curiosity and I challenged my turn out to be good....
I gt no faith in it but things which were pending before especially financial matters are improving as what my mole removal feng shui lady said.she said"rezeki masuk"(malay).that means your financial will over had happened. When I argued,people said don't simply remove your mole at a thrustworth place. Don't simply remove it at a place wer dei do it for money.NO!this lady I know her very well. I have many moles on my face and arms.but she removed oni d neck and shoulder. D rest she said its good matter which was pending for d past 3 years and job opportunities was pending for more den a I everything is over flowing and just like .....I don't really know wats happening...but this pending things are happening after I removed my moles on 11th of january 2010.very fast result.....I leave to god....I removed them due to curiosity nothingelse and things are happening preity good....go to a place wer you can trust dem ..dats all I can say...for those who don't believe, y don't you try 1st....den you leave your comment here.....its nice to share view here...thanks
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Well I do not believe in that, I think these are just myths that are created by people. Mole are simply due to some skin irregularities and nothing else. I have seen many people having moles on the neck and they died normally, whereas it is said that one who have mole on neck always hanged or killed.
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If every myth or superstition were taken seriously, we wouldn't be able to get out of bed in the morning. Old wives' tales originated as reasons for certain unexplainable events. Most people are more enlightened in today's world. The only thing about moles that one should worry about is some sort of change in shape or color. This can be a symptom of some cancers. Otherwise, one can fall victim to such superstitions by truly believing and attributing something happening as a result of the myth. They can become self-fulfilling prophecies if one really wants to believe in them.

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