Are Cancer And Capricorn A Match For Love And Marriage?


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I've found that these two are a very good match. I'm a Cancer and this guy (ex boyfriend) from when I was in middle school is a Capricorn. I moved away, which was the main reason for us ending the relationship. But we have always kept in contact and always been close.

Cancer and Capricorn, a match for marriage?
It has now been about ten years since we first met and the chemistry between us never faded. I think a piece of each of us won't let the other go completely. We've both been involved in other relationships and we joke about how they did not work out. He recently told me that he wants us to be together after I graduate from college in May.

  • Cancers and Capricorns (from my own experience) have a great connection.
  • They have an innate awareness of how they would be together (long term) and they accomplish great things together.
  • Power struggles could lead to clashes here and there. But everyone argues, so I say Go for it!
  • Both are fond of a stability, so a long lasting relationship is possible.
  • They're opposing Zodiac signs (a good thing!) and are cardinal signs too! (another good thing!).

I can't wait to see how him and I end up, but I'm definitely hoping for Marriage!
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We are married and I asked ths ? Over a yr ago when we were going thru some difficulties...but since then we separated,tlkd about divorce nvr did& we got back together and things are absolutely Tremendous with the help God!!!
You Go 4 it just stick it out no matter how hard it seems just hang in there especially once you get married divorce shouldn't be an option:)

Thanks so much for the detailed comment it was Awesome!
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Yes they are. This will be a loving relationship. They're good together.
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Thanks for your response. This statement is general ws hoping for more of an explanation.....just for fun:) Thanks again!

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