Is Cancer And Sagittarius A Good Match?


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It is true that Sagittarians are free-spirits and can be inconsistent, but they can still be a good match for a Cancer.

Cancer and Sagittarius?
The only thing that is required is a mutual understanding, which will come from knowing and loving each other.

  • Sagittarians can sometimes be inconsistent, which the Cancer will have to accept.
  • Sagittarius also knows how to pamper a partner and get pampered themselves.
  • Which is good, because Cancers require attention.
  • These two should be a good match, they have enough in common to get the relationship off the ground and have the potential for a long lasting partnership.
  • Both these signs enjoy a degree of autonomy, so patience is essential to make this match work.
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I'm a Cancer and my other half is a Sagittarius, we've been together for eight years and have three kids. It has been the hardest thing I've ever done with my life, he still doesn't understand me at all.

Do Cancer and Sagittarius make a good match?
It's like hugging a wall that will never hug back, I'm very sensitive, moody and strong minded. He can never give me enough affection or touch me the right way because I know he's not in it a hundred percent.

  • He can be selfish and I have to tell him to say sorry when he has messed up.
  • We have a love/hate relationship and I guess we've both accepted that.
  • He either finds it very difficult or does not bother trying to understand me.
I do love him to death but if I could do it over again I wouldn't be with him because I'm mentally and physically stressed and tired!
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This would depend on who has the Cancer star sign and who has the Sagittarius star sign. Knowing the gender of each sign can give an astrologist a clearer understanding of how the compatible these tow people are.

Sagittarius and Cancer
  • Male Cancer + female Sagittarius = not very compatible.
  • Male Sagittarius + female Cancer = "awkwardly" matched, but more compatible that the first combination.
So I guess you could say, no. In either case the matches aren't the most favourable.

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