How Can You Tell If A Sagittarius Man Is In Love With You?


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From my experience of Sagittarius men, it's rather easy to know when they are in love with you. Sagittarius is an extroverted sign and its element is fire, both of these define their outwardly expressive, active and extroverted personalities. Which means if they love you, they certainly won't keep it a secret!

How to tell if a Sagittarius man is in love with you
  • As part of their very nature Sagittarius men will have a wide social circle. If a Sagittarius man is clearly making time just to hang out with you, rather than any other member of their large social network, then this is a clear sign he likes you!
  • The term that best describes a Sagittarius is "I seek" which along with their expressive and driven personalities means you should know if he has feelings for you. They certainly won't keep it a secret and will probably tell you their feelings, or invite you out for a date.
The outgoing trait of the Sagittarius man makes them a pretty easy book to read, with the above indicators being the best way to know if one had truly fallen in love with you.
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Well, you could just ask him if he has feelings for you. I find the honest direct approach to be the most useful in affairs of the heart

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