What Does My Dream Mean?


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That sure is a strange dream you had.
 Several famous inventers had dreams that helped them with their inventions. I believe Ben Franklin was one of them.
 I don't know what your dream would mean, but I think it would be something for you to beware of.
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Wow creepy dream/  do not put too much credence in dreams, sometimes you dream because your mind has not shut down with your body.  The Bible says we have many dreams, because we have many cares.
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Wow this is sure a wonderful dream... Don't be afraid of the dream because it mean that you are the center of the attention your families and friends have great respect for you and that you will be popular in school and in the activity you are in... Good look in what you are doing... You will succeed.
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I was being stalked my a herd of rhinos in a home improvement store. I climbed onto a shelve that was bolted to the ceiling so they couldnt knock my hiding place down. Then people came and tried to bait the rhinos to get me. Then I was at the zoo and a hippo tried to eat my son. I jumped on its back and cut its throat
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My dream means personal desire to get that.dreams always fulfill when earnest approach and effort is put for it.everyone has his own dream.
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Yea,, that sure really is a weird dream,
maybe your house is really being infested by pests,,
thats if your house is made of wood,

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I dreamed that maggots were coming out of my vagina

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