What Are Some Pagan Rituals And Daily Activities/routines That I Can Do?


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Well, that's not what I was looking for...I don't want to learn about Jesus so plz don't preach to me. No I do not go to church because I don't care to, and of course I'm not trying to get others to be my religion because I don't enjoy people preaching to me about their religion, so I wont do it.
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i was not preaching rather pointing out that if you don't even know what pagan practices are and what paganism is then how can you dismiss the bible and Jesus without knowing for yourself what it's all about? church is simply a place to hear the bible books being discussed and preaching is the way to convey it. church has nothing to do with being saved by believing in Jesus as your lord and saviour. no one person can convert you that has to be your decision of your own freewill. all i can do is simply point it out to you. church is to be a place to help strengthen your belief in god and Jesus and is suppose to be a family group where you can learn what you don't understand or know. oh! and if you have not learned this yet never say never as in i won't do it. later.:)
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Not sure if i'm just asking for trouble from you, John, but it is worth mentioning that Paganism and all of its branches covers a very broad spectrum of possible rituals, various connotations, invocations and general knowledge that is readily available from better sources than this website. However, there is very little information on what it is to be of the faith on a day-to-day basis. If you are the first in you family and group of friends to choose to be Pagan it can be incredibly daunting to look at the mass of information available in addition to hundreds of derivatives and branches; it can be task to look within and find which branch speaks to you. In the meantime of trying to work that out, it is nice to be able to carry out some daily rituals like meditation to feel that connection that first made the person deciede to become pagan.

You speak of going to church to learn about Jesus; Paganism isn't nearly as popular as Catholicism and it may be very difficult if not impossible to get to a Pagan service, in addition to there being no text that summarises all ancient teachings like the Bible. As such, if you have no one to teach you of Paganism, where do you have to turn save for the internet? 

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Well if you don't try to convert anyone into believing in Jesus you would be practicing a pagan religion by the strict definition of paganism. So go to church and learn about God and Jesus dying on the cross for your sins. Since I am not a pagan I can tell you about him. Or learn the complete definition of pagan and paganism. Before asking about something you don't know the meaning of like the word and definition of pagan. Since your only sixteen find out what your trying to get into before you need to get of it in order to save your life. If your not going to church and learning about Jesus your already practicing paganism unless your having church outside and studying the bible especially the part about Jesus dying on the cross for your sins. I'll bet you we're not expecting that long of a answer. So by definition paganism is any religion in which you are not trying to convert anyone else into your belief and the word pagan is strictly meant to be defined as outside or country dweller. So if you we're not trying to get others to be pagans then you would be a true pagan by yourself without any others believing in what you believe in.

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