Do Muslims Eat Meat?


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Yes but not Pork or products made from pork
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Muslims eat meat food that is prepared according to a religious code; the animals are killed under religious supervision by cutting the throat to allow removal of all blood from the carcass, without prior stunning. There are also some animals that Muslims do not eat, for example anything from a pig, so the food must be Halal so Muslim people could eat it.
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Yes just not pork !!!
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Muslims eat meat that is made according to what god told us to do; the animal that they are to kill to get the meat from has to be killed at the throat with anything sharp except for wood, nails (for example birds), and metal. The animal must be killed under religious supervision, and they have to say the bassmallah before they kill the animal or else it is considered haram meat. Halal meat is every animal killed and prepared as mentioned above. Also muslims can't eat the meat of pigs, like bacon and ham and pepperoni and stuff like that, because it is Haram.
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They don't prefer eating frozen food since many don't trust the way in wich it has been cut.
They don't eat pork
they can eat any sea creature.
They can have meat from animals that had been shot upon and died as a result.
They can't eat any meat eaters meat
these laws do not stand in case of emergencies associated with life and death.
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Yes but not pork

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