Is Pope John Paul II A Virtuous Person? How And Why?


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Is pope John-Paul II a virtuous person?
1. Regardless of religious values or traditions, there have been some traits of human character that were named "cardinal virtues". Four of these have been described by Plato, later Aristotle, and have still later been termed "secular" virtues (as opposed to religious ones) by philosophers up to the present. These are essentiale WISDOM, JUSTICE, COURAGE, MODESTY.
The term "Christian Virtues" is often used to include the beatitudes, that is the traits of character that Jesus proclaimed in the Sermon on the mountain (blessed are ...). These include JUSTICE, CHARITY=MERCY, MEEKNESS, PURITY of HEART and PEACEFULNESS. Again another classification groups together the so-called divine virtues that go back to the text of St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 13; FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY=AGAPE=LOVE.

No matter which set of virtues is taken, the life of Pope John Paul II is full of countless examples that he lived up to these traits of character. Therefore, he is (or was) a virtuous person.

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