Can People Really Be Possessed By Demons?


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We have seen movies about that type of stuff but it would have to be a be there to believe it. People might be possessed but I think we all have the will power to beat them from gaining control.
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Absolutely! No doubt about it. Demons are real and people can be possessed.  There is no such thing as a crazy person.  There is reason for the behavior.  Most demons are liars. They are good at lying and we often believe their lies instead of the one who is called The Way, The TRUTH, and the Life..
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Perhaps, but I don't believe so myself. I believe that people can get themselves in to states of mind that they act strangely, even scarily in ways that we might even call para-normal, but no, I don't believe that they can be possessed by the devil or demons.

People can be possessed or taken over by alcohol, drugs, grief, love, and many other things, but I do not believe in the traditional devil or demons. I believe that if someone lets themselves do evil, they will do evil.

Possession is a big subject for the catholic church which has a monopoly on it by the looks of things.

Possession is a way of scaring people by the church and by 'god fearing folk'. Illness, mental and physical could produce the effects of a possession but no, I do not think it is at all possible for someone to become possessed by demons.
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Yes. A normal looking person can be possessed by demon(s). I seemed pretty normal for years, though I had arthritis caused by Lyme Disease. After doing the Juddeo Chistian meditation for almost ten years, THEY started coming out. I lost SEVEN in one week and this was just the beginning. Demons began coming in when I was a small child beginning with a voice in my head. I asked ny mom to get rid of it for me. She said it was just my own voice. I said No, I did not have it yesterday.
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I really don't believe that they can be.
This is folklore and superstition.
In bye gone times and even now some people do indeed believe that possession by demons can explain behaviour which is thought to be bizarre or evil.
We do say that people are possessed by 'inner demons' but this is usually a figure of speech to explain different sorts of behaviour. There are still many societies and religions that promote the idea of demonic possession.
This can be used as a way of explaining the inexplicable and as a social and religious control.
No I can't believe that demons possess people, if their behaviour is strange or cruel I believe that that is something within themselves or due to extreme external influences but not the work of demons.
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I am in the process of losing demons now. I have a M.A. In English Lit., a law degree and ran a business for many years. I did not look to others as if I was possessed. You would think I was noraml is you saw me. Nevertheless, I am undergoing the salvation process and demons begin to come out when you go down this road. See
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For the one that doesn't believe.... Have you ever thought of it this way? What happens if the demons have tricked me into believing they are not real? What happens? I am now no threat to them. Nor will i look for the real source of the other person torment. The demons have succeeded in their mission. I don't believe and the other people continues in their suffering.
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Yes I have seen people tht were normal once and then one day just went crazy and there was no underlying medical problem found...

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