Why Do People Get Possessed By Spirits And Why Are Catholic Priest The Only Ones Who Can Perfer Exorcisms?


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According to the Catholic faith, possessions occur because of one of two things; either the devil claims them, or the person gives in to sin.

Only Catholic Jesuits can do exorcisms because they are qualified and tested to withstand the "evil" that possessing spirits exert.
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The above answer is not true. They are not the only ones qualified and tested to withstand the evil possessing spirits. I have cast demons out of a number of people, even Christians. I am not a catholic priest. The catholic church still has a lot to learn. The bad spirits enter because there's a wound of the soul that needs healing.  The wound can be caused from your own sin or from someone sinning against you. For the one who wants an 'exorcist,' a deliverance minister is a better resource. Contact Bethel Church in California and ask if there is a SOZO inner healing ministry in your area. If you do not have Jesus yet, that's the first place you want to start. Otherwise, you really have zero protection from the get go. His Name is the only Name that demons obey when commanded to leave. No joke.

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