Why Is There A Conflict Between Traditional Medicine Philosophy And Alternative/complementary Medicine?


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There is a conflict between traditional medicine philosophy and alternative/complementary medicine because physicians who were trained in traditional medicine do not understand the benefits of alternative medicine. For them, there is no scientific proof of alternatives working and many trained in Westernized medicine find it difficult to stand behind alternative medicine ideals.

However, things like acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and massage therapy are sometimes considered “alternative” by those who practice traditional medicine. As noted, “health care practice in the future – perhaps the very near future – could embrace and integrate a comprehensive array of therapies and healing approaches, drawing on both the technological advances or contemporary medicine and the modern versions of the divers and sometimes ancient practices and concepts of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)” (Mann & Gaylord, 2004). As someone who is interested in alternative medicine, it would be nice to see a merger between the two concepts. I have witnessed the healing powers of alternative medicine. This could a future trend the United States health care system could expand on. In fact, alternative medicine could be the answer for reducing some of the costs of health care.

If there was a combination of alternative and traditional medicine, could the pricing be reduced? Could this also be the answer to the shortage of physicians in rural areas? Just makes me wonder.

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