What Is Your Zodiac Sign, If Your Birthday Is August 10?


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If you are born on the 10th of August, then your star sign is Leo.

The star sign Leo spans July 23 to August 22 in the year; is preceded by the sign Cancer, and is succeeded by Virgo.

Leo is depicted by the lion, and this sign's element is fire. Leo is ruled by the Sun and it's one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac.

What are your personality traits, if your birthday is August 10 and you are a Leo?
Leos have many great characteristics:

  • They are warm-hearted and generous individuals, and their good nature wins them many friends and admirers.
  • Leo is a creative sign and pours enthusiasm and effort into any task that takes their fancy. This serves them well in their work life, and also comes in handy when it comes to committing to a long-term relationship.
  • They are open-minded individuals, who are always happy to listen to new ideas.
  • Leos are faithful and loving people, who would make a great long-term partner for most other star signs.

  • They have the potential to be pretentious, pompous and at times, patronizing.  This can lead to other signs describing Leos as, "snobs".
  • Leos can be bossy and this can lead to them being involved in situations and/or problems that do not concern them.
  • Although usually broad-minded, they can also be intolerant of others' views, especially if they are in a bossy, pompous or patronizing mood.
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Hi. Zodiac sign: Leo July 23 – August 22

  • Very organized. They need order in their lives and they like being in control.
  • They tend to take over everything.
  • Bossy.
  • They like to help others.
  • Sociable and outgoing.
  • Extroverted.
  • Generous.
  • Warm-hearted.
  • Sensitive.
  • Creative.
  • Full of themselves.
  • Loving.
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You are a Leo and your symbol is a lion (July 23 - August 22).

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