What Is Fairy Dust?


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Fairy dust is a magical and fictional thing that has been created in many different stories and tales throughout the years. You will be familiar with the different tales that have been told over the years and from generation to generation which includes fairies and fairy dust. It is also something that is used in many different phrases to make something seem like it does it’s job without any problems and can work at all times.

Whatever you want to consider as fairy dust, you can be sure that there is going to be an explanation for the phrase. There are many different ways in wish the phrase can be used and there are many different contexts in which it can be said. It all depends on how you want to understand the meaning on the words fairy dust and what they are going to mean in what you are saying. For example, you may se cars with the stickers ‘run on fairy dust’ stuck on them, and this is implying that the car doesn’t need anything else to make it work than the fairy dust.

Most popular within tales of fairies and children’s stories, it is most common for young girls to find fairy dust the most interesting thing that they can think of. It is this work of make believe and perfect stories which have made fairy dust so popular amongst children of all ages and teenagers today. You will find that there are many different posters and stickers which imply that there is fairy dust working its magic. The ability to have something so fictional be so popular in today’s society is something that should be applauded for the companies that made the different stories and tales as they have introduced the world to something magical.
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It's a drug and its a code name for what people say is crack
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Umm..hmm.. Its the name as Pixie Dust then its Ketamine and LSD mixed in powdered form.. In some book I read.. They called Fairy Dust nevermore.. Which is heroine I think
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Don't know about any drug being called fairy dust. I thought this was what made you fly in Peter Pan. Peace
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Its a white thing that you blow that makes your wish come true

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