How Do I Become A Water Fairy?


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Believe is the first step. And if you want to be a water fairy, try this and you have to have just your finger in water. (ive tried it today, and the affects will come in tomorrow if you believe hard enough and do it correctly):
Fairy Fairy
Flutter By
Water, Water
I Must Be
I Will See
I Promise
Not to
Get my Wings Wet
The Deal is Set

Now just let it air dry. No towels. Oh, before you spill out the water, you have to drink a bit. Good luck!
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Now, it is interesting you should ask. There are at least 20 species of "water fairies", most of them polyphyletic. They include the fish-eating Ripple-Backed Fairy (Andersoni reticulus), the totally aquatic Spindly Siren (Triton horridus), and even the tiny, water-resistant Bueller's Puddledrip (Parvus buelleri). All of these creatures have very little known about them, and they're so elusive, it's often a wonder that people have even heard of water-fairies.
But unfortunately, since fairies must be born into magic, one cannot become one. However, I have heard tales of Spindly Sirens being raised at birth and tamed by humans, giving said human the ability to control the animal's powers as a man controls a trained lion.

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