Did You Know That God Knew You Before He Formed You In Your Mother's Womb? Peace


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terry rossignol answered
I like to believe he did but I wish he picked a different type of body so I don't have all these health problems.
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Pat Merrifield answered
Of course I knew that!
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Cindy Thompson
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Isn't that cool. Peace
Pat Merrifield
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So nice to see your question has not escaped the attention of the ratings troll; perhaps we can hope its sorry life will be influenced by following me around giving bad ratings. It certainly gives more credence to the ratings of my answers than what I do, although eventually I may figure out its identity and call it out. The perversion of trolldom is never comfortable in the light, we can be sure it will be exceedingly careful!
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I'm flattered to know that he took the time to think of me, and to create me. Wow.
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Samantha answered
I just am so amazed, I have read different scriptures in the bible saying different things about that, and I am still in awe, and he knit each of us in our mother's womb. KNIT. He is so powerful, and he took the time on me, to work on ME, with his special precious time. I am honored.
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Penny Kay answered
This is True! We were all with God before the world was formed. God has been ever faithful, and I love HIM with all my heart!
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martha answered
Yes, I am glad He knew me before I was me!  :}  It does bring comfort to know He was watching me as I was being made.  He is such a loving up close and personal type of God He cares for me.  I know He still has a purpose for me even though my husband is gone now.  God never leaves one of His Own just dangling!  :]
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Cindy Thompson
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If you ever need a friend to talk to besides Jesus, I'm here too. Peace
martha commented
Thank you- I appreciate it and same to you too. hugs marty
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I'm aware of the fact that God knew me before I knew myself and It was only he and I in the womb there was no other there with me to guide my movements to comfort me and to see that my progress was proper, He called my brain into existence first so it could call other body parts into existence and I'm so thankful that he saw fit to have me as one of chosen ones to speak on his behalf and tell others what he has done for me...Peace  
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Mouse or Nette answered
We are truly blessed by that scripture.  I love "I will not forget you, I will not leave you orphaned.. I have carved you in the palm of my hand.
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Can somebody please tell me where in the bible about God knowing us before we were formed in our mother's womb?

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