My Mother Told Me That If I Kill My Self I Go To Hell,I Didn't Kill Myself Cuz I Believe In God But I Still Want To Know That If I/You Ever Kill Ur Self Do U Go To Hell Even If You Believe In God?


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Sin is sin. Killing yourself is under "thou shalt not kill" and lieing is under "thou shalt not bear false witness" etc.... One sin is no worse then the other. Sin is sin and Jesus delivered us by saving us. If he is our Lord and Savior, he forgives our sin now, past, and the stupid one's in the future. He is the way, the truth and the life to heaven. Not which sin you are not forgiven of. He forgave them ALL when your name got written in the Lambs book of Life when you chose HIM. He says "I put before you Life and Death-"Choose" life. Some did not chose life- and ended it. He gave us the choice. He knew this planet is full of hell. He knew Satan will mess with his children to the point of suicide. He still loved them and accepted them because they accepted Him. He is sad they did not finish the gift of Life He gave them. NOWHERE is it written in the BIBLE that this "ONE" sin is unforgiveable and has a path to hell where the countless others sins believers do will send them to heaven. Sin is sin and forgiveness is forgiveness as long as Jesus is your Lord and Savior that is all that counts. Sometimes life gets too hard, and if Jesus is in your heart and you love Him more then the crap you are going through, you won't choose death. Some are focus on the crap more then Him and don't chose life.
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In the end when all is said and done, god will look at the heart of a person and his/her relationship with him and how said person treated other people.  This could be somewhat of a broad question depending on the reason the person is killing his/herself.  I think killing oneself is a very poor choice or way to escape life but I believe it is brash to think that god would automatically send someone to hell if they killed themselves.  I think it is important to look at how that person lives/lived their life for jesus overall.  Were they an evil, spiteful person or a meek, kind person that maybe wasn't dealt the best cards in life and had a moment of weakness.  Whose to say that one sin is worse than any other, we are all sinners.  God is a just god and will judge everyone accordingly. Hope this helped!
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All sins is bad but can be forgiven and has been forgiven by Gods son Jesus dieing on the cross...

Now that being said... Don't kill yourself...Go se a psychologist... Your mom only probably told you that because she didnt want you to do it...
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If you believe in God, you would also adhere to all the gibberish about life being a gift from God... So if you kill yourself, you would be returning that gift at the customer service counter of some cosmic outlet store. And God allegedly put a lot of thought into selecting that gift, so God will be down right pissed off you weren't happy with the gift... And so I guess as Mother Goose says, you will burn for all eternity in a hell that God sanctions.
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No you don't but it is a bad idea to kill yourself. You mom prolly just told you that because she wants you to live so she scares you out of killing yourself. Just don't do it at least tell me what this is all about so I can help you out :)
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Thats not true. Once you are saved you are forever in the book. But that dosen't mean you can't fall out of salvation. If you do kill yourself God won't be proud. But if you are Christian( being Christian isn't just believing in God theres a LOT more.) and haven't fallen out of salvation you will go to heaven.
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Hmm this is a really good question it is infact a sin to kill yourself but if you are a christian and believe in pretty much the whole sha-bang then you can get into heavn as it is said that if you are truly sorry for your sins and wrong doings you are eligible for a palce beside god. So if someone kills themselves but is sorry for it and means it whole heartedly then yes they can get into heavn.
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Im Catholic
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I'm not a follwer of a religion but i believe in god. But yes you'll still get into heavn if you are sorry and if not its a sin and you go to hell
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Forest lone,true Muslims could never be a suicide bomber.we Muslims,even don't hate anybody,than how could we kill people.there is no concept of killing people in should think before you speak.
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Believing in God doesn't send you to heaven, I mean its only Godly people that go to hell because if you don't believe in God, you don't believe in hell :D
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If you look it in Islamic point of view,you will go to hell if you kill your self.because in Islam if you kill someone or committed sucide you will probably go to hell no matter how much you believe God.
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Then why do Islamic people kill in the name of Allah with suicide bombs if they really believe that?
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Yeah, exactly.
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Yes you will. When you kill your self you have no time to ask god for forgiveness. And killing yourself is like slapping god in the face
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I think every religion has their own interpretation of that issue. Depends on what you believe, what religion, etc.
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To tell you frankly , no one knew what happens after death , those r thing told because to maintain some discipline in us , never hurting any one , doing right things  can take you heaven if it there , even if you don't pray god
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God loves us perfectly. If you kill yourself, you won't go to hell. God respects your free choice. The only thing that will happen as a result is that a lot of people (particularly your loved ones) will get hurt emotionally. Look to God for help. Don't kill yourself.
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Yes You will go to hell Because you misused your birth by killing yourself instead of doing good to people
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The bible tells us that ours bodys are the temple of God.

1 Cor 3:17......"If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him"

So looking at this scripture, make up your mind.
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Watch the movie "What Dreams May Come."  Just a movie but it would change your whole prospective about suicide and possibly freak you out a little bit.

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