How To Put Together A Program For Pastoral Installation Service?


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A Pastoral installation service is significant and valuable both to the pastor and the church. It is an important ceremony which passes the responsibility and sense of community from one pastor to the other. It also signifies the acceptance and the acknowledgment of the congregation of the new pastor's leadership. In the same way, the Pastor dedicates and pledges his leadership to the congregation.

The Pastoral installation service is also a time of celebration and reflection, for this commences the wonderful and fruitful relationship between the Pastor and the congregation. This gives the ample opportunity for both the pastors and the community to be acquainted for the first time to build a lasting and strong relationship based on the teachings of the church.

To put together a program for Pastoral Installation service, you can take note of the following:

● To welcome your new Pastor, your congregation can put an announcement in your local newspaper or your church's bulletin board or online forum. This is a good way to let other church member know about the new Pastor.
● You can invite other pastors from nearby districts to pray with your congregation during the installation service. They can also lay hands on the new Pastor by giving their blessings.
● The congregation should also lay hands on blessing and praying for the new Pastor.
● You can also invite a special speaker for the service.
● Mobilize your church choir for a beautiful and heartfelt music for the service.
● Be sure to follow the necessary installation service rite adopted by your church from the missals and prayers.
● The congregation can also set up pot luck of snacks for socialization after the service.

Pastoral installation service is truly an important event in your church. Go ahead and make it meaningful and one of the best service possible. Good luck!

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