How Can Religion Affect Your Life?


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Religious believers of the paradise of the persistent belief in and pursuit to enhance their resistance to risk, frustration and other dangerous road stress, the psychological ability to help people maintain mental balance and emotional stability, conducive to a harmonious society. 

On this point Marx and Engels in the duality of the role of religious community had stressed that, religious oppression to social stability does play a reactionary, backward effect, but on the other hand, religion as the sigh of the oppressed creature, as no fair things of comfort, as a means of comfort, features in its work for the ideology of the oppressed.

Played a progressive or positive role in society. Specific religious content of the ethical and moral, to cultivate people's morality, and to reduce social violence, pornography and other crimes, is conducive to social harmony and stability. Religion as a cultural medium to communicate emotions between members of different ethnic communication, and enhance friendship between different peoples, and resolve conflicts between different interest groups, and contradictions. 

As the number of religious categories in the world in different countries with different ethnic groups of the faith, and therefore in international exchanges, religion can.

Connecting the bridge of friendship between different peoples, especially as some government leaders, prominent political activists and scientists have different religious beliefs, which, despite their different political beliefs, different schools, but this can be religious find a common language, seeking to vary with the reach mutual understanding and cooperation.

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