Religion Can Affect People In Many Different Ways. Can You List At Least Two Effects That Organized Religion Has Had On Society?


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Sure. That's pretty easy since there are so many to choose from. I'm going to go with resentment and division. Actually they both kind of overlap but I'll go with resentment first. "you're an idiot if you believe that. You can't prove any of it. I can't associate with people like you, so close-minded". So, people harbor resentment towards others simply because their tenets differ. Sounds pretty petty to me. If you believe that we are free-willed creatures, regardless whether there is a provider of such a trait or not, then it's a simple matter of choice. You are perfectly free to believe whatever you want to believe, even in such countries which prohibit by law freedom of personal belief. Because a government declares it against the law to practice a certain 'religion' doesn't mean they have the ability to know your thoughts or heart. I've heard many a testimony of believers going to the gallows with their 'illegal' God on their lips. Okay, now on to division. Personally, I see this as the big one. If you can read this with an open mind or at least accept it as being 'Biblical', then maybe it will make some sense. But please keep in mind that this is all from me, this is what I believe. So, don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. Or you can shoot me if you must. I mean Jesus Christ was The Messenger and we all remember what we did to Him, right? But I digress. Lucifer decided that he wanted to be bigger than God. He convinced a whole bunch of other angels to try and pull off a heavenly coup. Well, God being omniscient and all rather quickly figured out the plot and promptly desposed of its' designer along with his followers. Do you see where this is going? Division. We are somewhat ironically and very tragically imitating lucifer's (now known as Satan since his fall from grace) strategy. "I don't hold to this particular belief as you. You say rubber bands are made of plastic but I say they're made of rubber. So, I convince 1/3 or so of your congregation that my way is the really and truly the right way and start my own 'church'". Now, multiply that scenario by at least a hundred or so and there you have it - division, man against man. How can everybody be right if everybody is wrong? A lot of people just cannot find it in themselves to agree to disagree. It's a black mark on humanity, as if we really need another one. I want to finish with this: Whatever you believe - God is, He isn't, He's in a tree, He's everywhere, He's only here or there, He's black, He's white or brown, He's one, He's three in one, and so on - there will come a day when we will suffer a physical death. No wonder so many people seem confused. Where will we go - heaven, hell, purgatory, into the ground and that's it, repeat the cycle as an elephant or another pharoah? Let me ask you who read this the question - are you, in your heart, so absolutely positively certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you know where you will wind up after you die? Whether eternity awaits us or not, are you willing to take that chance that it doesn't and - wham - find out that you were wrong and it's too late for a second chance? As for me, I ain't to keen to be gettin' caught with my pants down on that one. Just some food for thought. Great question. Thx.
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One good and one bad, for the benefit of the doubt...
good- it gives some people a reason to be accountable for their behavior.
bad- promote hatred for whoever isn't in your religion.
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I have a book called "What if Jesus had Never Been Born?"  It tells of all the good Christianity has done, like compassionate hospitals, missionary work, laws protecting women and children- etc.  But the clue is as always- not religion- but Christianity- which is a relationship with God through Jesus
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Well in american society there are is "in god we trust" and there is also the presidents who have to swear oath on the bible
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  Religion takes away from the free mind that man is capable of. You are told you have a free will, that is truth, but you are terrorized by the fact that you go to a BAD place if you fail in your religious duty to god. The fear aspect, and my first reason for how it affects society. Clean cut dry, FEAR.
That gives two powers to the people in control of a group or society, the ability to diversify or separate with discrimination and the ability to control with law inhibition.
  That ones a little out there but you get the idea, it's happening every where, not only that but things like abortion and euthanasia, the GOP has a little give and take there to pacify the masses I can give examples all day but I hope this gets the no christian point across.
  BTW I have been studying religion for 20yrs now, and that's all religion not just Christianity. The concept should be easy for any one to identify with even if you are a die hard church goer (no offense) 
The second way that religion effects the life of the human is that even when you do believe in god and you do go to church you tend to be more sedated about the general goings on of things you'll just take a more passive role (this is generally speaking) towards the out rage of what happens in the government. Like sit at the computer and talk al day about how awesome Jesus is and Mathew this and john that. It pacifies you so that you are ready to die you accept fate more willingly. Though I know this coming in so I don't really care what happens when I die just so long as I'm dead. But that's all I got for you.
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It has stunted growth in scientific endeavors for hundreds of years, promoted the belief that one race is better than another.

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