How Do I Become A Werewolf Willing To Use Potions Or Spells Not Willing To Give My Soul To The Devil So How Do I Become A Were Wolf Ty Guys?


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You first have to prove your willingness to become a werewolf by killing and eating small, furry animals of the forest for a period of one month.  During this time you may not drink any water or any liquid other than the blood of your forest kills.  After you have done this, come to the third tree below the glen on the first full moon and beg for an audience with the Alpha werewolf.
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you are crazy werewolves don't exist it is fictional scientifically tested there are none.
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Actualy you don't need to do actualy sounds strange....ok...well! The real way to be a were wolf is to be born one or some say being bitten but I have never tried the bitiing. Good louck.
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So people tell me how I can be werewolf :D or that's a myth...
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Why would you want to be a werewolf my friend is one and it makes her go crazy so I am becoming a wizard so I can kill her werewolf soul

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