Is There Any Werewolf Transformation Spell?


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Try this
On the first night of the full moon at midnight, wait until the light of a new moon burns brightly. With the chalk or blood make a 7 foot circle. Put a pentagram in the circle. At each point put a black candle. Within the center of the circle (and the star), make a 3 foot circle. Light the candles clockwise. Stand in the center and say:

Spirits from the deep
Who never sleep,
Be kind to me.

Spirits from the grave
Without a soul to save,
Be kind to me.

Spirits of the trees
That grow upon the leas,
Be kind to me.

Spirits of the air,
Foul and black, not fair,
Be kind to me,

Water spirits hateful,
To ships and bathers fateful,
Be kind to me.

Spirits of earthbound dead
That glide with noiseless tread,
Be kind to me.

Spirits of heat and fire,
Destructive in your ire,
Be kind to me.

Spirits of cold and ice,
Patrons of crime and vice,
Be kind to me.

Wolves, vampires, satyrs, ghosts!
Elect of all the devilish hosts!
I pray you send hither,
Send hither, send hither,
The great gray shape that makes men shiver!
Shiver, shiver, shiver!
Come! Come! Come!

Come, spirit so powerful! Come spirit so dread,
From the home of the werewolf, the home of the dead.
Come, give me thy blessing! Come, lend me thine ear!
O spirit of darkness! Oh spirit so drear!

Come mighty phantom! Come great Unknown!
Come from thy dwelling so gloomy and lone.
Come, I beseech thee; depart from thy lair,
And body and soul shall be thine, I declare.

Haste, haste, hast, horrid spirit, haste!
Speed, speed, speed, scaring spirit, speed!
Fast, fast, fast, fateful spirit, fast!

I offer to thee, Great Spirit of the Unknown, this night, my body and soul, on the condition that thou grantest me, from this night to the hour of my death, the power of metamorphosing, nocturnally, into a wolf. I beg, I pray, I implore thee - thee, unparalleled Phantom of Darkness, to make me a werewolf - a werewolf!

Make me a werewolf! Make me a man-eater!
Make me a werewolf! Make me a woman-eater!
Make me a werewolf! Make me a child-eater!
I pine for blood! Human blood!
Give it me! Give it me tonight!
Great Wolf Spirit! Give it me, and
Heart, body, and soul, I am yours.

'Tis night! 'Tis night! And the moon shines white
Over pine and snow-capped hill;
The shadows stray through burn and brae
And dance in the sparkling rill.

'Tis night! 'Tis night! And the devil's light
Casts glimmering beams around.
The maras dance, the nisses prance
On the flower-enamelled ground.
'Tis night! 'Tis night! And the werewolf's might
Makes men and nature shiver.
Yet its fierce gray head and stealthy tread
Are nought to thee, oh river!
River, river, river.
Oh water strong, that swirls along,
I prithee a werewolf make me.
Of all things dear, my soul, I swear,
In death shall not forsake thee.

Chant completed, the applicant must crouch inside the circle to undergo the terrible transformation. The change should start when the candle flame burns blue

Note the color gray and silver can probably be replaced as there are different colors of weres though I still have no idea if it matters in the spell personally.

Note2 in order to increase the potential and power, I have added the ritual instructions to the spell, which was before just a chant, combining all these should help, I will look for magickal ingredients in the future as well.
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No, not that I know of. But if there is don't do it! It could be dark magick. Or grey magick (grey magick is white magick that has a negative effect example. You ask to be a werewolf and you turn into one but lose control. Or kill your friends) even if it wasn't either of them.I still wouldn't do it, it would have negative effects and cause your body harm or kill you. Just stick to good old fashioned p-shifts or m-shifts. Little by little. Take this from an expierenced werewolf. Don't do it. Though I know one to turn into a cat if that helps? Just light a yellow candle and get cat hair of your fav color. And say a certain spell then put the cat hair in the milk and drink it. In the morning you will be a cat.
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Werewolves are 100% real, I know it for a fact but of course everyones entitled to their own opinion to believe and disbelieve.

I can give two ways to become or shift into a werewolf, one Evil the
other is practically harmless aside from mental changes...

I recommend getting a werewolf or wolf spirit guide aswell.


One ingredient is Child Fat
Another is Opium
Another is hemlock
Another is Henbane
Another is wolf blood from a wolf you killed with your bare hands.
Another is the organs from that wolf and place it on a tree stump
during an lunar eclipse or blue moon. Draw a pentacle on the stump (make
sure the stump has many rings, for that is how long you will live as a
werewolf) and place the intestines on it. Now get a stand to put a small
phial over and fill it with the juice of crushed opium, hemlock, and
henbane. Light the organs on fire and chant "these belong to me, let it
be passed to the spirit world
and back to me every night when I look upon the moon" 3 times

Drop the wolfs blood into the Phial and take a blade of copper and draw
blood from yourself and put your blood in the Phial. Now get the wolf's
hide and place it on your naked body and chant "this is my new skin let
me shift into it every night when I gaze upon the moon" 3 times then
drink the Phial. Then Yell "Hecate! I call to thee to have mercy upon my
soul and for you to let me die and be reborn anew as a Child of the
Night, a werewolf, and in exchange I grant you my service as a loyal and
vigilant watchdog and hunter in your almighty name! HECATE! HECATE!
HECATE! ..." you should immediately black out and have a vision of your
future self as a werewolf. Accept it. And you shall awakened in a new
form, still human but different, and every night you will progressively
transform until the full moon when you fully
Transform and when that time comes you kill a Christian priest And sacrifice him to Hecate
as a symbol of loyalty.


we begin i would like to clarify that when i say m-shift i am meaning '
mental shifts ' as with your mind only - And when i say p-shift i am
talking about ' physical shift ' which is shifting your physical body
into something else.


Mental shifting is
acting/feeling/doing things like how a wolf would. Like when someone
enters a room sit/stand lower or higher depending on your rank in the
pack. Or if it is someone you distrust or dislike sit higher and when
someone makes you angry physically growl or snap at someone who is near
your food or a valuable possession or if in your territory. 

your body language and pay close attention to it. nest you must start
to think without words and start thinking with emotions colors and
sounds. Like if you are angry, do not think about it in your mind like
"ugh, i am so mad!" instead, recognize your feelings let t
hem runn through your mind and body like water or fire so that you may
'feel' the energy from it and the energy YOU give it.  happiness can be
yellow or which ever color makes you 'feel' happy and warm. Sadness can
be blue or again whichever color feels right to you, and it is cold and
silent. you will feel the same with all emotions/colors

Next you
will heighten your senses; Like what you hear, to the very last detail
hear it. and see and pay attention to what you can see from the corners
of your eyes. what you smell...and different scents. what you feel with
you body like touch or change in temperature or the wind. Just be a wolf
use your instincts this is very important.

you shift you face and skull  you will get a feeling of pressure as
maybe pushing forward or like when a dentists is pushing the needle
between your teeth, but without the pain.
It is a sensation of a
constant pressure or pushing forward. You
r lips might twitch and or shake a bit, and you may feel your teeth
growing and pushing down as you focus on them. To feel this you must do
an m-shift first, picture in your mind that you are shifting you head,
eyes, teeth, snout etc. I suggest you start with focusing on your eyes
first, then teeth and then ears then snout lastly. you NEED to focus i
suggest you meditate while doing this.
For most focusing on shifting the entire body at once is a lot harder than taking your time and just doing it one at a time.
Eyes and teeth are usually the easiest
can feel 'phatom wolf ears' on their human body, like you feel you have
REAL wolf ears while in human form. when shifting your ears you may
find you don't have to focus all that hard on them, for you already have
the feeling that you have them. BUT some don't so, Just try and see if
you can fell anything like you have wolf ears and go off that.
now just feel them as if they were always there. now your ears may get
hot or burn even twitch some you will feel it at line of your cheek
until the top of your ears- Also to shift your ears you must multiply
your hearing by imagining in your mind that you hear alot better than
you actually do.

to do that you must focus on EVERY little noise
that you hear in your environment, like maybe birds chirping off in the
distance or maybe the wind blowing or distant cars or animals walking in
the brush. Hear as a wolf might

Wolves use their senses for
everything, as will you when you wish to shift - Try to focus on using
you hearing and smelling mostly rather than eyesight. You can practice
the same way when trying to enhance smelling. Try to do this when you
are walking, at the store or even at home or just sitting in your back

Another thing with phantom ears is
the position you feel/imagine they are in when
speaking with someone - like, are you in a dominate situation? is the
person you are speaking with below you in rank? follow your instincts,
if you are more dominate perk your ears up and raise your tail, if you
are submissive relax your ears and lower your tail. (phantom tail)


eyes most likely will be the easiest for you, you must be patient
however and use alot of focus and energy. Eye shifting doesn't prove you
are a Werewolf or therian - But it does prove that you can modify your
genes with only using your mind. Changing your DNA is the basics of

 to p-shift your eyes you should start by being in a
room with level light or light that is steady and not going to suddenly
get darker or lighter.

Next, you should have a mirror in front of
you, then look into your eyes very closely, study them. next you need to
start m-shifting you may close you eyes and focus on the color of your
wolf eyes. M-shifting is VER
Y important to get to a p-shift. Why? because it makes all your
wolfishness come out! you need your wolf energy to p-shift and
m-shifting is the way to do it. Your wolf energy is the energy you will
use that will tell your mind to modify its genes, This energy will tell
your mind that your eyes are not in the right form and color.

at your eyes color and shape - And then imagine very strongly what you
want to achieve and how you wish them to become while you feel your wolf
energy as strongly as you can. Eventually With 10 to 20 minutes in the
first months of practice you will slowly see your wolf coming out more

Be careful while eye shifting do not focus to hard
and to often or will put to much stress on your eyes and can damage your

Also when feeling deep emotions like happiness,
sadness, angry your eyes may shift on their own as your wolf energy is
coming out.


Teeth shift
ing is alot like ear shifting like with the 'phantom' shifts as in you
'feel' like you have them even when you do not. It is for some a
constant long term phantom shift. Teeth do not have to wait for a
complete p-shift, you can p-shift your teeth anytime you meditate to
make your teeth grow. Just m-shift and think of all the things wolves do
with their teeth - Biting, snarling, chewing, snapping, Think of
yourself using them and think of their anatomy as strongly as you can
and as long as you can.

 Sometimes it is hard to do this, but when
it is working you will feel your lips cannot stay calm and may twitch
or shake near your nose,  mouth opened, your mouth gets dryer and your
senses get stronger. Again you will feel the pressure on your teeth and
your jaw may start to hurt. Do not fight the pain stay calm and focused
or else you will stop the shift. Also imagine your tongue getting longer
with your jaw and having the feeling of your tongue resting between y
our fangs. you may snarl or growl while doing this you may find it

Remember USE you wolf energy to shift feel it going through you as you focus on your teeth and jaw.


this will most likely be the hardest part for you to do and of course
how you do it will matter to, like what are you trying to achieve? well,
if your a therian you will want to imagine you are turning into a WOLF -
If you are a Werewolf you will most likely imagine you typical two
legged ferocious beast. Now, i am a werewolf so i do not know how a
therian changes but they have told me it is them same - but into a wolf

Think of the anatomy of wolves and how it is different
from humans, think of it strongly REMEMBER it is ALL about the focus.
Then of course you must imagine very intensely that your limbs are
shifting (see below werewolf full body shift below)

Wolves have
chests similar to dogs, but larger and deeper. Wolves chests
are thin but long and high. To shift your chest, focus on your
breathing - imagine breathing as a wolf does feel the cool air as you
inhale, soon it will get hotter and hotter. Feel deep large and fast 
because that is how a wolf breaths. Humans chests are smaller than
werewolves so, you must imagine that your chest is getting larger maybe
larger with each breath - feel your bones creaking and cracking and your
spine with come with it. The spine will shift on its own while shifting
your entire body.


Tail shifting is just
like the rest you must imagine. Imagine your spine is growing longer and
longer you will start to feel pressure in your lower back. with enough
focus you will shift a tail. Tails are alos VERY important in
communication for wolves. you will most likely feel your 'phantom' tail

FOR WEREWOLVES: (full body shift)

You must visualize your  form, how it looks

and different stages of t
ransformation and how you may hold them in certain

points of shape changing, for various purposes.

slowing moving through your entire body and then allowing the

flesh to change. The face will contort and begin pulsating and stretching, the

will turn an ashen gray,(or whatever your color is) the eyes will turn a
feral yellow,(again what your color is)  allowing a sharper

sight. Your fingers will stretch and grow very long, the nails turning black and

becoming talons. Your teeth will become razor sharp fangs, your throat issuing

bestial growls and howls. As your limbs extend and grow,  fur will begin to

grow all over your body, and slowly ears will grow pointed and the hearing will

increase ten fold. As your senses are all alive, your face becomes an entangled

snout, with your sense of smell becoming more and more intense. In a matter

of moments your transformation into a great and powe
rful werewolf will be complete,

To shift back repeat the what you did to become a werewolf but become a human instead, or, simply lay down and go to sleep.
i've been asked "does shifting into a werewolf hurt?" the answer is YES
it does, the pain will very to person to person but in general you will
start off with feeling aches or cramps or soreness, then maybe it will
turn into sharp pains as your bones are moving their places and your
insides may start to feel like they are moving around or you may get
nauseas. you may also feel burning, tightness, itchy or even a high.
hope this guide will help you Werewolves out there how to shift! and
and BELIEF without even one of those things you will never shift into a
werewolf or anything else for that matter. i recommend daily meditations
and lots of m-shift practice.
Good luck out there little wolves.
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Get some 1 to curse you wit a werewolf spell
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Not that I know of but I also really want to be a werewolf!!! Please give me a spell!
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Then how do you turn into a werewolf? Cause I have always wanted to be a werewolf and so hav my friends.
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No there is no magic spell to turn into a werewolf and even if there was I REALLY wouldnt suggest using it because your supposed to work your way to a p-shift, if you just "take a short cut" not only would you not be able to handle it, you could possibly die

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