Can You Give Me Some Themes With Scriptures For A Pastor Anniversary?


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If you are looking for some themes to celebrate the anniversary of your local pastor, there are a number of things you may wish to consider. An anniversary is something to be enjoyed, especially if a lot of people think fondly of your pastor, meaning that everyone will want to get involved and enjoy the day together. Here are some hints and tips on having the best possible time with your anniversary:

  • Popular opinion

Before you go assuming about what you should involve with your anniversary celebration, why don't you consider asking other members of the group to pool ideas together about hymns, scriptures and themes? This way, you can make the event more community spirited, allowing everyone to get involved, have their say and do their bit for the pastor. Some members may have been at the same place for longer than you, meaning that they may know more about the pastor than you, which means that they can offer information about their favorite aspects of church.

  • Think about your pastor

What do they enjoy about church? What aspects of your church procedure do they seem to like the most? If they get really passionate about particular hymns and songs, involve these! If you are really stuck, you can look online, or even drop hints to your pastor and try and wangle their favorite aspects out of them that way. There will be information online for standard different themes that you can choose from, but this shows a lack of personality and individuality in the celebration, meaning it won't be as special as it truly could be.

The main thing to remember is that this is a celebration, not a test. You need to make sure that the day is pleasant, enjoyable and nice. You are under no pressure to perform; any effort that you make will be appreciated by both the pastor and the church goers.

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