Who Came First To Earth Adam Or Satan?


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Satan came to earth first.  Adam and Eve lived in paradise where there was no evil, suffering or injustice; because all they knew was "God" and "good".  The snake tested them (Satan), and when they succumbed to his promises to be just as almighty as God was (when they ate from the forbidden fruit), God punish them by giving them free will to choose what they wanted, and evil was born on earth.  Satan was an angel in heaven with God untill he became jealous and wanted to be better than God, then he was banned from heaven.  Adam gave Satan existence and POWER on earth by subcumming to his empty promises.  Satan had been on earth but would have been powerless if Adam did not give him the power by considering, acting and succumbing to his suggestions.
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John 8:44 says Satan is a murderer... He did not stand fast in the truth....

Satan was perfect Angel and he decided he wanted people to worship him.... Which gives you the first lie ever told from him to Eve

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Both are fictional characters, so the point is moot.
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