What is God, please explain?


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You can only know who god is if you remove yourself from worldly distractions and (that conviction in your head will tell you whats 'worldly') then truly devote your whole body and soul to him in prayer whether in church or in your room or anywhere at anytime simply by closing your eyes and imagining yourself sitting in front of him and talking to him. Before long you will be the one answering questions like this online ;)
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Definition of God: The one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.  The ONLY way to REALLY know God is to read about Him in His book The Bible!  You know how when you read a person's book you get a understanding of the person and his view in the book?  That's the way the Bible is!    Here is a lists of the attributes of God (you should look up the meaning of these word if you want a better understanding of Him.)    He is:1 Eternal 2 Holiness 3 Unchanging 4 Impassable 5 Infinite 6 All-powerful 7 Everywhere-present 8 All-wise 9 All-knowing 10 Simple 11 Self-existent 12 Self-sufficient 13 Immaterial 14 Good 15 Love 16 Gracious 17 Merciful 18 Just 19 Sovereign 20 Freedom. Most of all God is PERFECT!!!
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To you...that still small voice inside that convicts you but does not condemn you.
(Gets you on the right path, but does not make you feel bad) because he loves you and has your best interest at heart.
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It is the supernatural power.
There are no other words that can explain the power of GOD
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He is everything. He created this earth and he put you on this earth for a reason. He wants you to be happy and live your life worshiping him. Which is what you should do. Read your bible.
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No answer can be given, for if such a being does exist it would far exceed our mental limits.
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God is someone whom we believe and trust on in our mind.
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He is OUR Heavenly Father that loves us and cares for us like nobody else could ever do. He has a never ending love for us who he created for a purpose to serve and love him as he loves us.
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Well, depending what you mean, God is either a Symbol for Good. Or it is a Being of unknown origin, that controls the daily live's of people. Just as "satan" is a symbol for all that is bad.
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"God is the playground; God is the player;God is the play; God plays with himself"
God is EveryWhere
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God is nothing but the overactive imagination of some people afraid to face the fact that nothing...NOTHING will save this planet.
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Every religion believing their own god,worshipping him.
Lots of contradictions existing about creating world,
Is it evolution or created by god?I cant say sure.
But god is within everyone of us.
Guiding us always.
Our Conscience is our GOD.
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A wise answer; God is in everyone of us. But I wonder why nobody says 'God is in whatever is.' God is the existence. And don't separate God from the existence. Whatever is is God, both material and abstract. There is nothing other than God.

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