Why Are Leos So Mean?


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Leos are not generally known for their ability to be mean - although they can be blunt, pompous and patronizing without even realizing it. Some people may interpret this as the lion being horrible, but instead it's just the king of the jungle's nature!

Are Leos mean?
  • Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, it spans between July 23 and August 22 every year. It is considered to be the most extroverted sign of them all. Leo's element is fire and it's one of the four fixed signs in the Zodiac.
  • On the plus side Leos are very generous and warmhearted. They are creative, enthusiastic about their work, and very broad-minded. To their loved ones they are always unquestionably loyal, faithful and loving.
  • However Leos can sometimes be regarded as mean because of their patronizing and pompous streak. They have the potential to interfere and get deeply involved with matters that do not concern them and can often be intolerant of other people and their views and opinions.
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I'm a Leo and when I get mad I can get violent. People think I'm crazy but I really do not like people disrespecting me or underestimating me.
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I'm a Leo and I think I have a real ego, I think I can be really mean, you do not want to piss me off, but as the zodiac says we are mean but then we have a loving and generous side too.
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I am a Leo, I am mean and have a huge ego. But I know if there was anyone that needed my help I would help and if you needed anything I would be there go-to person.

I really wish I would not be so mean and I do it when I don't mean to. Me and my girl are both Leos and when it's good it is really good but when it's bad it's really bad. We both are so hard-headed.
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I'm a Leo woman and although I can be extremely "straight to the point" and "bluntly honest" with people, I never do it to be mean. It's just who I am! For example, I hate beating around the bush about important matters and I cannot stand manipulative people!

My theory is "Just face the problem now and deal with it until you get it resolved!" Simple enough right? Furthermore, I am extremely passionate about things I believe in and if I absolutely know I'm right about something, I will not back down no matter what! Yes I admit I am very hard-headed. However, I will stand up for someone to the death if I really care about them and will fight for their cause relentlessly if I believe in them/their cause.

I don't hold grudges as I feel it's a complete waste of time and energy. The only person that has ever forced me to despise them long-term was a Scorpio woman.

She was crazy and still is to this very day! The only reason she backed off was because she finally infuriated me so badly with her constant drama that I was about to literally go beat her to death and she knew it too. She even told my husband how afraid of me she was.

On the good side, I am very generous. I love giving so much more than receiving and we have great taste too! We will never give "cheap" gifts. You will always get nothing but luxury with a Leo, but you have to give as much energy as they do or they'll get bored and go somewhere else! We can't stand unmotivated people. Frankly, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn people have always bored me to death. The Taurus and Capricorns I've known seemingly always focus on the negative!

I had some good times with Libras, Aries, Geminis, Scorpios and a hot romance with an Aquarius guy - my moon is in Aquarius.

Sagittarius and Libra people always tend to be my closest friends for some reason. I love Sag's love of adventure, travel and fun, coupled with their bluntness and childlike wonder at the same time.

Libra chicks are always graceful and gentle. Cancers drive me insane with their over-sensitivity and hoarding tendencies, however, they have really kind hearts and are very "motherly" with deep empathy and sympathy for others. This is something that tends to be a weakness for me, so it's helpful to have others around me that can encourage me to work on weak areas.

We all need each other!!!
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Jennifer Campbell
I posted before I corrected:

I'm going on 7 years of marriage to an Aries and I think we have a good balance overall. I was raised by two Virgos, lol! Nervous Energy and Total Perfectionists.... AAAAAAAAAH!!! My Attitude: "Just Do It & Fix The Mistakes Later!"
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Every Leo I have ever known has been an obnoxious, arrogant, condescending jerk.  They have delusions of grandeur, but most of them are extremely insecure.  

 They seem to build themselves up by tearing other people down.  The only people that Leos are good to are those who are foolish enough to fall for their "king" bull***t, and agree with every word that falls from their lips.  If you dare to challenge a Leo and talk about or voice a dissenting opinion, they immediately become mean and hateful.  

They disrespect and dismiss any opinion that differs from theirs, and they think they know everything about everything.  They can never acknowledge their own faults, and think they're always right.  They are more concerned with trying to prove they're right and having the last word than they are with being a real friend.  

Leos are truly the a**holes of the zodiac.  I'm a Sagittarius who can't stand Leos.  But I LOVE Aries!

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Being mean and developing any other personality traits has nothing to do with Zodiac sign (Many might disagree with that). Being mean can be because of way someone is brought up, It can be because of tough situations someone is going through or it can also be because of the people/society someone has.

Zodiac signs cannot influence us much, and usually predicted unfavorable zodiac sign couples, actually do well in real life which shows that how much it would be wrong to judge and make decisions regarding someone based on their Zodiac sign.

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