Who Was The Twelfth Disciple?


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I believe in the book of The Acts, they chose Matthias...But then Paul came into the Picture and declared himself as an Apostal because he saw Jesus in a vision...
...The disciples were probably jealous of Mary Magdalene because she was
so close to Jesus...There were other women followers...but it's always been a man's world...That's why they like to hide the truth of Mary Magdalene...
There's been a lot found on her...Have you ever heard of the Gnostics? Or the Knight's Templar?...Very interesting stuff!  Cyndi
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Good question~~  There is some controversy over this but, I will stick with my answer...Matthias. Some people say it was Paul, but the Bible states (book of Acts), that Matthias was made the 12th apostle long before Paul was ever saved.  So, when is the revealing of the correct answer?
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Kkkkatie - I have no idea. If I had ever learned that, I would be a tad upset about forgetting it. But I don't think that one ever got sent to the memory bank, and even if I guess at something, I'm usually 99 44/100 confident on the guess. Good question, though!
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My guess would be Mary Magdelyn as she was as close to Jesus as any man,and according to other books,bible dictionary,biblicle encyclopedia,and other very old biblicle books and maps of the times and history of those times and as in present times woman were to be seen and not heard...that is my theory as research and going farther than what most religious scholars teach or tell you,just as the fact that jesus had brothers and no one mentions them.
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I don't know who gave you such a low rating. Your answer is very thoughtful and does indeed have merit. There is much information that not only did not get included int the "Canon" but was orded to be destroyed. Some of these old text have been found and are being translated. The standard Bible 101 answer to my question is Mathias as recorded in Acts.
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Don't worry kkkkatie,whomever it was giving low ratings their day will come and they won't be so,jolly about giving me low ratings I hope they enjoy life......
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And they gave forth their lots and the lots fell upon matthias and he was numbered with the eleven apostles.....amen
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Was it Curly Joe?
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I tried to give you five stars for making my day! LOL Maybe......could have been Larry, Curly or Moe.......ya nevah know! Actually I am going for a different answer.
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I meant no disrespect. I was thinking of Joseph of Aramethia and the fact that the 3 Stooges had more than one Joe and it just struck me funny. Glad I made your day.
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Hi! Sissy! As per the book of Thomas, that they would not put in the Bible, that person was Mary Mandelynn!
And he said she was VERY close to him too!

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