Can You Tell Me Policies Concerning The Treatment Of Muslim And Arabic Members Of Society?


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They're being treated with kid gloves.  Political correctness is the norm when Muslims  needs to be confronted.  Tip-toeing around the obvious problems.  Don't you dare offend them.or they'll behead you.

What do you think?
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The First Amendment declares all freedoms to speech, religion, press and assembly. It's a two sided blade on the treatment to minorities such as the Muslims and Middle Eastern derived people.

The first amendment says that Muslims can be in America, say what they want, and believe what they want. They can also assemble for religious and personal events without the government saying otherwise

On the flip side, the first amendment ALSO declares that press may broadcast what they wish about whoever without offensive remarks by the government, and people can assemble for and against others in the U.S.

Its hypocritical.

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