What Are The Changes The United States Made To Policies Concerning The Treatment Of Muslim And Arabic Members Of Society?


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Through research I have been unable to find any new significant policies on treatment of Muslim and Arabic communities. The treatment of Muslims and the Arabic communities has been strained since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in September of 2001. The United States has tried to form a closer connection with Muslims in the country as well as create a stronger bond between the United States and the Muslim world.

The Brookings Institution's US-Islamic World Project and the Institute for Social Policy attended a conference in 2005 to try and spear head a movement that would see the Muslim community and the United States improve their relationship.

After the September 11th attacks, the United States government were criticized for not understanding the culture and needs of the Muslim community as well as failing to produce a clear strategy for public diplomacy after the attack. In addition, a number of Muslim community groups felt that the American government didn't speak out for them and they believed that they weren't permitted to have a say in government policies despite living in a country of democracy.

Moreover, some Muslim groups have argued that the defense department on foreign policy and intelligence issues do not have enough Muslim input, which would mean that there would be a sense of misguidance and lack of knowledge on the Muslim world if direct Muslim input was not apparent. It has been argued that the United States needs to work alongside American Muslims to help improve the relationship which would ultimately improve the bond with Muslim communities around the world.
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Racial profiling for one.  Surveilance was increased on arabic media outlets and mosques.
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It can't accurately be said to be racial profiling, because not all arabs are muslim (shock! Horrors! Maybe people want to stop being muslim sometimes!) and not all muslims are arabic. You'd be hard pressed, for example, to find an arab-majority community in malaysia (another muslim country).

But I think the policy changes have centered around the idea that "hey, these people don't like us, and all muslims are religiously forced to at least accept that they are fellow muslims, who they are ordered to help in the koran- maybe these people are dangerous, maybe this faith is something we should be careful with if we allow it into sensitive places." and what followed was "well, maybe we *shouldn't* allow it into sensitive places."
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As far as I know there haven't been any legal changes. Cops will just add muslim and arabic to their list of people to profile

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