What Are United States Policy Changes Regarding Muslims And Arabs?


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In terms of recent policy changes regarding members of the American-Muslim and American-Arab communities, there is actually very little to report. Some Muslims have issued complaints about being subject to over-the-top airport screening and excessive police surveillance purely because of their religious beliefs, but there isn't actually a policy stating that this is the case. The tightening of US policy on immigration across the board in the aftermath of global terrorist attacks is not aimed at Muslims and Arabs either, as many people appear to have misconceived, but at any individual who poses a terrorist threat - regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. As such, the US hasn't followed in the footsteps of countries such as France who have banned Muslim clothing such as the burka. A document released by US officials detailed how Americans supported freedom of speech and expression of religion.

There have been a number of efforts in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to improve the strained relationship shared between Americans and Muslims. One of the most recent of these was a speech from US President Barack Obama on how 'mutual interests and mutual respect' should be used to help improve relations between the two groups. Obama and other leading figures from the White House have discussed the need to change the perceptions many Americans have of Muslims and Arabs, and vice versa in terms of how the Muslim and Arabic communities view the typical American citizen. The mission to change what has become a common misconception tied into the idea of race and religion continues, and recent reports suggest that progress is being made at a steady rate to get the American, Islamic and Arabic populations public behind the campaign.
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Considering part of the homework is to research and use new reports from the past two years this would be "doing my own homework".  Since this is part of research.  Try being a helpful individual instead of a closed minded fool.

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