The Word, 'Impossible' Itself Says, 'I Am Possible.' What Do You Think This Means?


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Although it would be nice to think that impossible things were actually possible, they're not. It's definitely an optimistic way of looking at things, and if it helps you to achieve tasks that you would otherwise shy away from, then there's no harm in thinking of it this way.

Why Doesn't It Mean Anything?
  • The prefix "im" is used, in this sense, to negate the meaning of the root word; this prefix existed far before the contraction "I'm" (and even before "I am," as it comes from Latin).
  • It doesn't say "I am," it says "im," because there's no apostrophe to make it a contraction.
  • Words are not sentient beings with the ability to decide on their own meanings. If they were, there'd be no writers: You'd write a paragraph, go to make coffee, and come back to an angry mob of adjectives demanding their own rights.
What's So Bad About Believing It?
Nothing, as such. Believing that 'impossible' means 'I am possible' won't do you any harm, unless you take it too literally. Jumping into a lake of lava without dying is impossible. If you stand at the edge of the lake and hear it whispering 'I am possible!' to you, then you're in trouble.
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The word impossible means I m p o s s I b l e
  • I for Incredible
  • M for Massive
  • P for Pakorra
  • O for Oak Wood Owl
  • first S for Simplicity
  • second S for Stupidity
  • I for Invaluable
  • B for Bewaqoof
  • L for Lameliness
  • E for Eternity
Note: This answer is only for the stupidist people and if you think that you are into sensibility, then you are wrong and senseless. Want to try yor 'senselessity'? Okay, try touching your nose. Do you feel it? Na? See I told you!
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Yes it does because there is nothing in the world that one can't do, we can all do anything whether it's right or wrong. For humans, nothing is impossible.
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You are so right and I hope a lot of negative people see this statement and put it to use......
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You are right.
That is really cool.
We can do anything as long as we try our hardest and then some.

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