What Do Dreams Mean?


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Dreams are a series of imaginary experiences based on images, ideas, emotions and sensations that we are subject to throughout certain points during our sleep cycles. There are many theories as to why we dream, and for centuries many people have tried to attach meaning and interpretations to their experiences. Here a few theories as to why we dream:

- Bad dreams allow us to control emotions in the 'real' world

- Dreams regulate moods

- Dreams help us to 'make connections in a safe place'

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
Oscar Wilde

Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud hypothesised that bad dreams might help us to control emotions in the 'real' world. That is to say our brains in the real world can better compute the emotions we experience in our dreams, perhaps an experience of fear whilst being chased by a monster in a nightmare. In theory, this could help us when we come up against a threat in the real world, as we have already experienced a similar situation, albeit in an imaginary scenario.

This links in to the point about how 'a dream allows us to make connections in a safe place'. In the same way that dreams can help us to learn about emotions in order to deal with them better in real life, so the same can be said for other physical tasks - from out of the ordinary actions we may need to perform in order to achieve something, or the most everyday of mundane tasks. Think of it as a form of mental practice which makes us better prepared to meet similar challenges in real life.

Keeping your thoughts balanced
Dreams are also thought to have the effect of regulating mood. For example, if you were to fall asleep whilst in a negative mindset, you would be more likely to have dreams about something positive, and to therefore wake up feeling better, as your dream would have helped to rebalance your emotions. Perhaps this is why so many people 'sleep on it' before dealing with emotional stress or great changes in their life, and the process can be seen to be similar to the way we sometimes try to cheer ourselves up when we are awake, by thinking positive thoughts. Our dreams can help to achieve the same result, albeit subconsciously.

Background to dream interpretation
Historically, dreams were used for guidance, divine inspiration or healing in cultures such as those of Ancient Greece. A few native American tribes used dreaming as part of their 'vision quests', whereby they would pray and fast for large periods of time until a 'guiding dream' occurred to them, which they would report back to the tribe on their return.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung indentified dreams as an interaction between the conscious and the unconscious, asserting that the unconscious was the dominant force behind dreaming. Jung argued that the bizarre nature of dreams was actually an efficient language, comparable to poetry and communicating thoughts, feelings and experiences that the dreamer's conscious mind had ignored, rejected or suppressed.

"And When I woke, I cried to Dream again" Caliban - The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Jung hypothesized that every person present in a dream could be seen to represent an aspect of the dreamer, representative of the subjective approach to dreams. For example, if you see a child in your dream, Jung's theory would hold that this child is the innocent part of you, or your 'inner child'. Fritz Perls took things a step further by arguing that even inanimate objects could be looked at in this way. This has led to increased interest in finding out what these particular things may mean in a dream world, or dream interpretation.

There are so many possibilities as to what people may dream about, and potential interpretations, that attempting a short and definitive answer would be impossible. A dream in which you're in a dance recital  could be interpreted as meaning that you're moving into a new phase in your life, whereas a quail appearing to you while you're asleep can be said to indicate lust or eroticism. What is certain is that dream theories are wide and as far-ranging as the subjects we can dream about, and interpretations can very from the humorous to the outright strange.
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Your subconscious is actually responsible for most of your dreams, so things that you push to the back of your mind resurface in your dreams while you sleep.

Most of your dreams are also not necessarily literal, so dreaming of an ex-lover or boyfriend doesn't mean you like him or you're thinking about him, it could mean you enjoyed an intimacy with that person that you want to relive, but not necessarily with him (he's just a trigger for that emotion). It could also suggest you have concerns about your past and what effect it has or might have on your current situation, and these type of dreams (distressing or unwanted ones) are usually your mind's way of coping with and sorting out all your thoughts and emotions.

Sleep serves to placate the mind and replenish the body. And if it makes you feel any better, I dream of my ex too and I'm completely in love with my current lover (we're engaged).

You might also want to keep in mind that specific things or occurences in dreams are symbolic or representative of a general idea or emotion and taking a step back to evaluate the possible meanings in terms of where you're at in life and how you feel about it is the best idea. This approach can help you understand what your dreams are telling you about yourself and how you feel.
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Dreams can be one of three things:

1. A place, person or emotion you're trying to hide - like a happy place or an ex.
2. A prediction of how tomorrow will turn out, so if it's going to be a good day.
3. Teaching you a life lesson - like a stranger danger simulation.

Some of my dreams are that I'm married to a celebrity - not telling! - and the classic 'no parachute' one, too.

A good dream indicates a bad day, and a bad dream makes you prepared for tomorrow.
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Well i had a dream i was hiding under a table at a Boy's House(Idk who his parents were gone) And he found me i got scared he said its ok we became friends started dating and every time i kissed him he turned vampire...Then we went out of his house and lumberjacks asked can we help them and we said no then they tryed to kill us and that as far as it always happens i have had this dream many time my friends think im vampire but im pretty sure im Human
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One of the scariest dreams is to dream that you are falling from a very high place. A dream like this normally makes people jump out of their sleep and sometimes even yell for help until they realize that it's just a dream.

Now when someone has a dream like this and wakes up finding out that it is just a dream, just imagine how good he or she feels to know that he or she is still alive. This is one good way that the mind can help to relieve the body of stress. This also show how powerful our thoughts can be.
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Dreams are an open window into our subconscious. Often the things we see in our dreams can be our minds trying to tell us something that our conscious mind can't understand. Dreams can sometimes be messages from spirits, ghosts or other supernatural sources.
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I think dreams are our thoughts,ideas and other thinking that we think about before we go to sleep! Not nessary all of them are good maybe they are sighns and some are good signs u never know!
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So, in theory, if I die in my dream.. Is that a threat from a ghost saying I'm gonna die?
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Well, idk about the spirits, but i can agree with the subconscious thing. Btw why would there be a "passage" to our subconscious?
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Dreams are repressed feelings that are stored in the subconscious mind. Dreams are a medium to give free-will to your subconscious mind. The subconscious contorts, distorts, tries to seek answers to problems, and seeks the positive-negative repercussions of an event or problem.

Dreams in our sleep mean one thing: The body may be resting but the mind keeps on working. Dreams tell us about a camouflaged form of things that we do not pay heed to in reality. The Bible talks about King Nebuchnezzar's dream which was interpreted by Daniel in the royal court. The dream was recorded as Daniel's prophecy of the end times.

A dream can even give you a way to solve a problem. No wonder, people say, 'why not sleep on it?'
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  • Our dreams combine verbal, visual and emotional stimuli into a sometimes broken, nonsensical but often entertaining storylines.
  • We can sometimes even solve problems in our sleep. Or can we? Many experts disagree on exactly what the purpose of our dreams might be. Are they strictly random brain impulses, or are our brains actually working through issues from our daily life while we sleep -- as a sort of coping mechanism?
  • Should we even bother to interpret our dreams? Many say yes, that we have a great deal to learn from our dreams.
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It's your mind wanting to be set free. When you're resting your mind takes over and shows you things you want, don't what to see, things that you have done, want to do, or things you do or don't want to do. Or you're tired of seeing pitch black when you're sleeping so you want to watch some TV in your head...
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No one can categorically state what dreams may or may not represent. We can only ever guess and surmise.

Freud argued that when we dream, we only ever dream of ourselves. Dreams combine the ego, id and super id, all crying for attention, all expressing themselves and their needs.

Using this theory, if a man has a dream about a sick child who is female, this could mean that his 'feminine' side is not well and needs to be taken care of and nursed back to health.

Many refute Freud's argument however and feel that it is more likely that the dreams are the voice of the sub-conscious coming through. For example, a very troubled and worried woman is facing a major problem in her life. She dreams that she is on a flight. Something happens to the pilot and she has to fly the plane. She has never flown an aircraft before, but manages to do it. This could be the subconscious mind telling the conscious mind that whatever the problem is, she is strong enough to cope.

Another theory is that dreams are just the brain's way of sorting out experiences or things that have happened during the day and actually mean nothing.
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Every dream has some meaning. You can't stop yourself from dreaming a particular dream. It usually happens that the person you have or had strong relationship and about whom you think most comes into your dream.

You have to stop thinking about him and concentrate on other things. Good Luck.
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Dreams can be thoughts in your mind, or sometimes things troubling you, but they don't always make sense to you.  Like one time, I had a dream that my mom broke her hand and she was going to kill herself because of that.  After I woke up, I felt stupid.  I have no clue as to why I had that dream (well, it was more like a nightmare, since my mom was going to die).  Thanks for listening!
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Dreams can be very sweet things and when we have a sweet dream then we think about it many times in a day.
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Sigmund Freud's seminal work about the interpretation of dreams popularized the idea of deciphering dreams. All of us dream, some of us remember our dreams with great clarity while some have no recollection whatsoever of their dreams.

Dreams have been interpreted differently in various cultures and Freud has his unique take on them. According to Freud, a bird in one's dream refers to the phallus, while Jung says that a bird is representative of a desire for freedom. When one is being chased in the dream it is an indication of the threats that he/she is facing in the present time.

Most of the experts agree that horses are a symbol of sexuality or fertility. Freud gives a sexual spin to most of the objects that one sees in dreams. He says that if someone sees a house in a dream, it is an indication of his innate desire to visit a brothel.
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Dreams are the thing you were mostly thinking about that day.
I rarely get dreams anymore my life is not very exiting.
But watch out - dreams can turn into nightmares...
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Dreams inform us about what is going to happen the next day or sometimes in the future!!!
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Now many people have different thoughts on dreams. I believe that dreams are bundles of thoughts you think about or see in life. Like if you were to think about someone you love for a period of time and then forget about it, the chances are the events you thought about will appear in a dream.

So you won't be able to dream about it that night....you have to give some time for your mind to forget and for it to go to the back of your mind....than it will appear like 3 or 4 nights later ...Continue thinking about it and then the chances are you won't have that dream soon.
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Dreams are images that your brain makes up. I had a dream about something really good! I researched it cause I wanted to know what it meant and it said that you have been thinking about that topic a lot the day before? Which I was! Dreams are weird but they are hope.
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Dreams bring out the truth inside of you. They tell you what your true feelings are on a subject and come from the depths of your soul. I cannot tell you what your dream may mean, that is for you to figure out. Look around your life and find a subject that might bother you and then see if you can relate your dream to that somehow. Always listen to your dreams.
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A dream: A dream can be anything! I sometimes dream about stuff that I have seen that day, or make up a story in my mind!
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Dreams are three main types:

1- a message, warning, or congratulations from God. (Rarely)
2- what can pull you to the sins, or nothing at all from Demons. (Sometimes)
3- a reflection of your own thoughts and concerns. (Usually)

Some of them can be useful, since others can be extremely bad, but most of them are meaningless for most of people in the world.

If you want me to describe the dream itself then:

It's a TEMPORARY DEATH. Your spirit leaves your body and then returns.
The spirit of who dies during his sleep gets caught by the death angle,
or refuses to return for several reasons and I'd go so far if I described them as well.

Thanks for reading guys!
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You can only work your own dreams out, as they are specifically meant for the dreamer, and the dreamer only. You can buy books that will help and guide you as to how to interpret them and they are helpful, but it is up to the dreamer, to work their own dreams out.
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They are a series of thoughts and emotions occurring involuntarily during sleep where your subconscious mind takes over your whole body and you are in alpha mode.

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