Does A Capricorn Male Mean It When He Says I Love You And I Need You, Although He Says It Very Rarely?


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Amanda Wells answered
It might have nothing to do with whether he is a Capricorn or not!

Capricorn says I love you?
The way to know whether someone means it when he says 'I love you' is simple:

  • Does he usually tell the truth?
  • Does he usually act as if he loves you?
  • Does he behave like someone who is part of a couple
If the answers are 'yes' to these questions then you can probably trust him.

It would be unusual for a Capricorn to lie to his partner, as this is not in their nature. Normally Capricorns take a long time deciding if their lover is really the right person to be in a long term relationship with. If they think they are with the right person, then that relationship will be very important to them, even if they don't always act like it- Capricorn's are naturally reserved and unemotional. Chances are he does love you, Capricorns aren't the type to mess around.

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