How Can You Tell If A Capricorn Man Is In Love With You?


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Knowing if a Capricorn man is in love with you is exceptionally tricky! Trust me!

The goat can be very stubborn, and they usually take their time deciding if you're the one they want to settle down with. A relationship is a very serious step to take for a Capricorn, so give them time to figure out what they want.

How do you know if a Capricorn man is in love with you?

  • The Capricorn man will start to open up emotionally to you, which is an unusual for a Capricorn, as they like to keep their cards close to their chest. This means he trusts you, and you should feel honoured that he has included you in his inner circle.
  • In any meaningful relationship the Capricorn will have to be the dominant partner. He likes to be in control of his and the partnership's destiny, which could mean you may have to be a bit submissive.
  • To the Capricorn man being dominant is his duty, they are very traditional and he will like to be the sole provider and protector of the bond you share. If he wants to dominate the relationship then this will probably mean he is starting to take it more seriously.
Opening up can be a difficult thing for Capricorn men. If he starts to be more emotionally in touch with you then this probably means he is starting to fall in love with you. That's exactly how my last Capricorn lover acted when we fell in love.
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I feel for you. I think it's their mood swings that get me.

How do you tell if a Capricorn man is in love with you?

I used to like this guy at work who was a Capricorn. Initially things got off to a great start.

  • Being a Capricorn as well, I was a little shy and slow to respond.
  • So he then started flirting with another girl.
  • But deep down I knew that I was the one he could relate to the most. Unfortunately, the business folded and we were left in the dust, but we supported each other.
  • We talked mostly on the phone. I initiated a lot of conversation, but he seemed to enjoy it.
  • Eventually things just ground to a halt.
I was sad, but I chose to be graceful about rejection. I know he's most probably doing this with several girls. You would think the most stable sign wouldn't be dating around. But you see Capricorn men are late bloomers. Move on to someone who's more confident and willing to step up and take a risk than someone who's uncertain.

You'll find a better match!
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Being a Capricorn has nothing to do with this situation. If he won't talk to you at the moment call him and leave a heartfelt message. Tell him how you feel about the night, ask him if you did anything wrong, assure him, for you at least, everything was perfect. Meet at a neutral venue to discuss it.

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