Why RIBA(Interest) Is Prohibited In Islam?What Are The Alternatives Of Interest?


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Interest is known as Riba in Islam. Riba has been strictly and openly prohibited in Islam. That is why Muslim scholars are against the modern banking system around the world. Interest is basically fixed payment which is interest. To charge this fixed amount from a person who can not meet his essential consumption requirement is exploitative according to Islam.

There are a number of alternatives available in Islam for Riba.

The first alternative is Murabaha. It is a kind of sale, where the seller mentions the cost incurred on a good or service and sells it to another person by adding profit or mark-up, and the whole situation is known to the buyer. It is kind of Riba-free banking that is used in asset financing, property, microfinance etc.

In Short Islam is a complete way of living. It has everything outlined for its followers. In order to known more about Interest free banking, see this link.

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There are situations where interest does not exploit the poor. For example, if I keep money in a bank and take the interest or I buy bond of IBM, is interest prohibited in such cases?
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Yes, interest is still prohibited in Islam, even if it's deposited in the bank or given a loan to your friend on easy interest rates.
Whenever a person is bound to pay any additional amount above the actual debt, it's interest. And all types of interests are prohibited (Haram) in Islam.

Interest is considered as a "Fight against God (system)".

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