What Is The Proper Dressing For Male And Female In ISLAM?


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For women your supposed to cover your whole body except your face....
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According to the teaching of Islam, more then the dressing heart cleanness is necessary, that most people don't obey and only go to the dressing.Anyway, the dressing of Women must be in a manner that not any part of her body is shown to other people, only her hands and small portion of eyes and feet can be open but, all other things should be covered with any type of cloth. She should not wear any suite from which her body parts can be seen easily. Always her head should be covered with any cloth. The main thing is that she should be covered properly.

On the other hand, for men full covering of body like face is not necessary as was in the case of women. He must wear dress which cover his body from neck to little bit above the ankles, their ankles should not be covered. They should wear any pants or shalwar that is little bit above the ankles. Their head should also be covered with any type of cloth or cap.
Mainly for both of the genders, there should be a dressing which don't appeal the opposite sex person or also the same sex. The sex appealing dresses are not allowed in Islam. The dress should be neat and clean, even if you have two suits, you can wear one and clean another suit and then wear the clean suit when the first one is dirty. Don't make so many suits.
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A proper dress which hides your skin
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Can men wear thongs or is that only for the women?

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