What Food Do Muslims Eat?


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In short, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork or carnivorous animals and all meat must be prepared in a particular way. Obviously, the diet of Muslims varies depending where they are in the world so that answer would be quite broad. Muslims in the west eat western food and Muslims in the middle East eat middle eastern food.
Muslims take their dietary code from the holy book Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed. The Quran states that you should not eat animals "that have been dedicated to any other than Allah" (the Muslim God) or that have been "killed by strangling or by beating or by falling or by being gored." Halal literally means "lawful" and this is how Muslim diet is prescribed by leaders of the community in line with teachings from the Quran.
The Dhab__ah method of killing and preparing meat is a form of ritual slaughter, which should be carried out by a Muslim while mentioning the name of Allah. Sometimes it is allowed for Christians or Jews to carry out this process but there has been some dispute over who is allowed since the Quran mentions People of the Book and this has been taken to include the similar religions.
There is also an allowance that if necessity makes it so then Muslims are allowed to eat whatever they can. That is, if they would starve otherwise then pork would be allowed but they stress the need for restraint and eating healthily as a general rule.
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I am a Muslim, we mainly eat halal food like fish, chicken, lamb meat, beef but they all have to be prepared in a very religious way, and killed in a religious way to, we don't eat monkeys elephants and cats and dogs we don't eat the pigs because we believe it is a dirty animal. Mainly because a pig is a disgusting and dirty animal from us and we believe Allah swt gave us so many other delicacies so we only have to eat a dirty animal!

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How about "turkey"?
Anonymous commented there any special way I should prepare this?/Lenny
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...and too how about being evolve with someone that is non-Muslim? I have meet a young lady that is Muslim./Lenny
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I am going to tell you what muslims eat and some of the reasons as well inshAllah.
Allah Says in the Quran eat of the good things We have Provided for you. And pork has been forbidden for you since it is impure. And also that abstain from intoxicants since they are satan's handiwork. Indeed they cause a lot of social problems and health damages. Pork causes no less than 70 diseases in humans..major sort. Meat and even water does so but if impure or taken in excess.
Meat however is essential for the human body. Some essential amino acids cannot be obtained from any other source but meat.
That is why islam tells us to eat meat BUT in the purest way that is with it drained well of all blood. Blood is a very good carrier for germs.

When we sacrifice the animal without damaging the spinal cord, the heart keeps pumping so that all blood is drained out well. The arteries and all cut do not allow blood to go into the brain that would make the animal feel pain, so this is kinder to the animal. The bodily movement is due to the contraction and relaxation of mucles not pain. If you do damage the spinal cord or stun the animal it may die after 4 or 5 hours and with pain.

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The food of Muslims is not much different from that of Christians, except they do not eat pork. But generally speaking, they eat very appetizing food. I tried many of them when I was on a gastronomic tour. And the last time I came back from Lisbon, I learned a lot about the local food. I think food tours will solve many questions for you.

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We eat rice like  normal people
we eat meatballs like normal people
muslims do not eat pork dog cat monkey
we are not allowed to do drugs or alchoel or we will not be muslims anymore
most muslims are vegetarians
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Depending on the situation, stolen food can also be illegal to eat (un-Halal or Haram).

Any food that could seriously harm you is also illegal. Otherwise, the rest have been mentioned above. Pork is forbidden just similarly to the old testament in the Holy Bible. All intoxicant drinks are illegal to drink.
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I'm a muslim so I'll tell you, where are aloud to eat any meat that is slaughtered by a muslim because we have to say god's name before we kill anything, pigs, cats, dogs, snakes are not allowed to be eaten, we are not allowed to eat an animal we found dead because it may have been killed by an another animal so we're not allowed to eat it., of course alcohol is forbidden, we eat evey kind of vegetables, we eat fish of course.
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Muslims have very different taste to us for example, they cannot eat any pig meat, reptiles, cats, dogs or snakes because it is Haram which means that it is absolutely forbidden. Also Muslims do not eat an animal which has been strangled to its death as their meat must be killed in a certain way and before they kill it they bless it. They cannot eat meat that used to eat other meat for their meals and they are not allowed to have blood. However they can eat food such as other meat, fruit and vegetables, and normal everyday snacks!
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Muslims generally eat non-vegetarian food. According to the Islamic law, Muslims cannot consume alcohol. Muslims are also prohibited from consuming meat of a carnivore or omnivore like, pork, monkey, dog or cat. (However Piscivorous fishes are not considered carnivorous).

The meat of a land animal is not considered Halal (lawful) by Muslims until it's slaughtered in the right way according to the Muslim holy book Koran. The correct way of slaughtering an animal is called Dhabiha. According to the Fatwas, it is a must that the animal is slaughtered by a Muslim.

After the recent rise of Muslim population in American and European nations, there are a few organizations that have started to identify and declare Halal food products. A healthy diet is a must in Islam. Consumption of meat on a large scale is discouraged in Islam
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Muslims eat anything except ....pork or pork by products,
animals that were dead prior to slaughtering,
animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah,
blood and blood by products,
carnivorous animals
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Food preperation is important in a muslim household. It must be prepared with care and must be halal. Nothing containing alcohol pork and gelatin must be included in this. Other wise food cannot me consumed.
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They don't eat anything that harms the body but 99% of the men smoke which should be haram too since it's causes so much damage to the body  God gives them. I am married to one. NO pork, and nothing with geletin in it.

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