What Does The Word Travail Mean In The Bible?


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To groan crying to god getting into his presence
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The spiritual meaning for travail, is the prayer context. Christians that have a burden that
Holy Spirit on heart of prayer for someone, In america we do not know what fervent, heart-wrenching, prayer is Example a man in 1800s name was called (Praying Hyde) he was on his knees so much his pants worn out, knee problems.Apostle Paul said he travailed for Gal. Christians, that Christ would be formed in them.In fact a women travailing with child (Natural)
is likened to the Holy Spirit praying through a believer and travailing (spiritual) The
unregenerate heart cannot understand these things because they are spiritually discerned.
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Travail just means painful effort.
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She asked what travail meant in bible, do a word study in the context of how Paul used it
Oh that is right if discredit Paul you can divide and cast doubt on new believers, Satan does not need your help
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Madmacstew is sowing doubt Sir, this is Christian site, not a godless am I right SIR
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As ever, you are wrong, Zigzag,. This is a site where questions are answered. Doubt is a good thing, except to those who wish others to believe only their narrow world view.

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