Where Can I Find Essays In Hindi Language?


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Essays in Hindi language can be found in academic and literary websites in the internet. For hard copies of these essays, you can check your school or public libraries, local bookstore or online book shops.  In all instances, you can find materials with English translation.

You can also search online libraries if you are doing a research on essays for a particular subject matter. These online libraries have a wide variety of resources to address your needs. Simply join their members' area and you are sure to have access to reliable sources. Additionally, you can check the following websites for essays in Hindi language: and Correspondingly, in order to understand these essays in Hindi language, you can also use the Google translate system. Simply open the Google Translate website, copy the Hindi essay to the box and click translate from and translate to tabs and press the translate button. The essay will be translated for you in English.

The Hindi literature is basically divided into four important styles namely: Bhakti or devotional literature, Shringar or literature which pertains to beauty, Veer-Gatha or a literary form which talks about warriors and the Adhunik or modern literature. The Hindi literature also produces a number of brilliant authors like: Bihari, Munshi Premchand, Mahadevi Varma, Dharmavir Bharati, Raghuvir Sahay, Rajkamal Chaudhary, Jainendra and Hrishikesh Sulabh among many others.

Essays are part of the colorful and unique Hindi literature. Among the most noted and popular figure in essay writing in Hindi literature is Acharya Kuber Nath Rai. His works are published in a collection of essays namely: Priyaneel-Kanti, Vishan Yog, Gandha Madan, Ras Aakhetak, Pama mukut and Nishad Bansuri. These collections of essays are highly influential in this genre of Hindi literature. He incorporates folk literature of India, romanticism and rural settings in most of his works. Similarly, he also wrote on contemporary society in a classical manner which strengthens his influence in essayists in Hindi language.

Should you use any of the Hindi essays, do not forget to acknowledge your sources in the appropriate citation style.
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