Ok my friend told me that the world is gonna end in 2012 is that true cuz I'm really scared?


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Let's take a look at previous evidence.  In the past there have been hundreds if not thousands of end-of-the-world predictions.  Ask yourself, how many of these predictions were correct?  Since we are still here I would venture to say 0.  Earth has always been subject to this type of turmoil, it just seems more of a threat right after it happens.  For example, some British settlers were convinced that the world was going to end back in 1848 when Niagara Falls completely stopped flowing for a full day.  Hurricanes come seasonally as do earthquakes, in my opinion these are signs that nothing is wrong, the Earth is still moving, the water's still flowing.
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We always experience disasters
the world is not going to end and if it does y worry about it its not like you can stop it just live each day o fullest and have no regrets
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Nothing will happen , even if world will meet its end , our soul is made to live forever so no need to fear
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Thats A Myth If You Read The Bible He ((GOD)) Say That There Will Be Disasters But He Has More To Come.... Its Bsed On Religion Basically
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Highly unlikely. They're natural disasters, donate some money. That stuff about 2012 is crap. More stuff happens coz of climate change, so weather is different and the earth like gets hotter or something causeing the tectonic plates to shift (earthquakes).
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Unless we start to change, the world will get worse.  Nature is fighting back for sure.  These horrific storms are just a drop in the bucket.  Things can get worse!  I am a little worried myself, but will it all end in 2012?  If we had time, we can reduce this population, but we will have to be more responsible.  Everyone has to work together or we will be just like the rats....eating our own flesh and blood. 
We will start running out of things like Fresh water, gasoline and oil, food, jobs, money, etc.  It's hard to get Medical help because you have to have money to buy Insurance.  You have to have money to live!  Dying is the only option unless you know how to survive in the wild or live in homless shelters.  Which is worse? 
The time is near for human extinction, but is it 2012?  Who knows?  That's only 8 months away and so far, I haven't seen one clue.  Maybe the Scientists see an astroid heading in our direction?  Who knows??
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Vivian, I agree that the world has to change but it is only a handful that will listento that message . Most people are not prepared to change. I dont know the answer but I dont feel the end is as near as 2012 .
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The only way any of that is happening is if Sarah plain becomes president.
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The world was supposed to have ended 12 years ago (I was 11 turning 12) at the start of the new millennium but to be perfectly honesty no one can predict when and how the world will end. For centuries people have made all these wild accusations about knowing when the world will end, the only thing that it's doing is causing mass hysteria and paranoia among people which has led people to commit heinous crimes against humanity, themselves and others all because of what religious fanatics and other nut cases brainwash them to believe. So to answer your question, no I don't believe the world will end this year but it might be the start of a new era or age, maybe something good.
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The 2012 calendar will end. When it does, get one for 2013. You'll need it.
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People have been giving all manner of dastes of when the world will end and it never has.So don't be scared as the chances are very high that your friend is way out .
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According to the Bible, yes the world will end but doesnt specify an exact date but we are supposed to know that time is near when certain things are to happen which they have begun but still the end of earth again could be tomorrow or a 100 years from now as no one knows so just enjoy life and live it accordingly to Gods law and everything will be just fine
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Nah, I don't think THE END would happen next year, or for the years to come, it is just superstitious thoughts that the Mayans had and it may not be true. Just wait for next year and see who is right..... If it is really the case, then I had nothing to say, because I would already be dead by then....
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Nayy many scientists predicted the world would end in 2000 and we're still here. May 21,2011 the rapture would happen but we're still here. So what makes us think the world will end in 2012.? Yeah we're having many disasters these days but it's been happening for thousands of years. And no "mother nature" isn't fighting back at us. Believe me. It's not going to end.

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