What Do Jews Think Of God?


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Jews, or Hebrews or Israelites, Love God. They are, according to Biblical Tradition the 'chosen people' of God. God has dealt with them harshly, because He chose them, and Blessed them, and He holds them to high standards of obedience. They REVERE God! They do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah, but according to Christian Tradition, God is giving them plenty of time, to come to that conclusion. What others believe about them has been shrouded in a lot of suspicion and prejudice, but they are as spiritual or not, as many other Religious sects. They do not follow the New Testament, and keep to the traditional laws as passed down to Moses. They are not to be mistreated, by Christians, this I know.
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Jews believe in god
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They believe in god that there is one they don't believe that jesus died for our sins but they look at him to be just a profit!
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We believe him to be the one and only savior. To whom he is inclined to all right and wrong that has happend in life.

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