What Does It Mean When I Dream Of Someone Having A Baby?


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Dreams about having a baby are often thought to symbolise the birth of a new idea, or the progression to a new phase in life. The dream could mean that you're ready to start the next chapter of your life; for example, beginning a new job, moving house, or starting a new relationship.

Regardless of who is having a baby in your dream, it's usually taken to mean the same thing; however, if someone else is having a baby, it could show that you're entertaining ideas of change and progression, but still have a few reservations.

What Does It Mean If I Dream Of Giving Birth To Twins?

Many people who practise dream interpretation would say that the birth of twins in a dream symbolises conflicting ideas or emotions. This is because, in astrology, twins are thought to represent opposites.

What Does It Mean If I Really Want Kids, And I Dream About Having A Baby?

On a more obvious level, this dream could be nothing more than a manifestation of your desires to have children. For this reason, people who are trying to get pregnant often dream about having a baby.

What If I Dream About Giving Birth To A Monster?

If your dream baby isn't human, this could mean that you're afraid of how people will view your projects of creations. For example, if you've come up with an idea for a new business venture, dreaming of giving birth to a monster might symbolise your fear that people will be critical and unimpressed with what you're doing.
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Thanks for all those meanings Lucy! Actually I dream all the points but not the last one. I never even had an idea of it! Thats so WEIRD to dream of giving birth to a monster! lol!
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Good question, I had a dream about someone else who was in labor and I'm about to have a baby this morning too.

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