How Islam Does Teach Us To Behave With Children?


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The Holy Prophet SAW used to say that whoever loved his children, shall be safe from the fires of the Hell. He used to greet them and used to give them a ride on his mount whenever he used to meet them on the way. While reciting a long Surah in Namaaz, if he heard a child crying, he would cut short that Surah so that the mother of that child shall not worry for long. He showed his love toward the children of the Mushriks as much as he used to love the Muslim children and he used to say that these children were better than Muslim grownups.

He prohibited the beating and the killing of children on an action and issued strict instructions accordingly. He would kiss and fondle children and whenever they were in a gathering, he used to give them whatever fruits were available with him. He was a very fond of his grandsons, Hassan and Hussein and he used to call for them whenever he visited Fatima and he used to fondle and pet them. In short, Holy Prophet SAW himself was very loving and caring towards children.

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