What Does Islam Teach Us About Wealth?


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Well Hafsa ISlam teach us to earn wealth by legalise way (Halal) not by illegalize( Haram) way.

Then if you have wealth then ISLAM teaches  us to share your wealth with humanity like your family , relatives and poor peoples it depends upon your earning value and your extra money if you can share then you will get reward if not then no problem.

Islam teach us to PAY  ZAKAT (Charity) of 2.5% every year from your bulk money which past 1 full year in your custody  to those peoples who are poor, who don't have fathers , mothers and if someone is really poor in your relatives then first he is eligible for this money then others.

Islam teach us to not spend money uselessly or not to just save money only and not spend on your and your family necessities. ISlam give us the moderate way to spend and save after your necessities.

What else you want to ask about wealth in details ,? Hope that answer of your question
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It should be earned by honest means, and shared with the poor. It should be spent sensibly but not wastefully, and not hoarded at the expense of a decent lifestyle for you and your family.

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