How Islam Does Teach About Self-respect And Discipline?


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Islam imposes strict discipline of good behavior and conduct on its followers. The maintenance of one's dignity and self respect is an important quality in a man. It is required on every turn and aspect of life; without it a feeling of inferiority exists, no one pays attention to what such a man says nor do they respect a man who does not know to respect himself. Islam expects a man to present the highest example of good morality and manners. As long as Muslims maintained firm faith and discipline, they did not lose their sense of self respect.

Self respect is different from vanity. It is the name given to the quality through which a man learns to respect himself so that he does not stoop to anything low. When a self respecting man comes across evil, he passes by untouched. The evil ones do not have enough courage to even touch him. Dignified and good behavior is the essence of one's morality, faith and self respect. Beggary is strongly condemned in Islam as this is a negation of self respect. Even asking for help in the daily matters is not allowed, until necessary.

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